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My senior year in high school, our graduating class performed Andrew Lloyd Webber’s rock opera, Jesus Christ Superstar. After 34 years — (did I really just post that) — I still remember all the words. (Of course that is a known phenomenon prevalent in 12 – 18 year olds.)

In one of the earlier scenes the apostles were eager to find out from Jesus,
“What’s the buzz?”  Webber’s Jesus answered their question with questions:

Apostles what’s the buzz? Tell me what’s happening. (Repeat many times)

Why should you want to know?
Don’t you mind about the future?
Don’t you try to think ahead?
Save tomorrow for tomorrow;
Think about today instead.

Apostles what’s the buzz? Tell me what’s happening. (Repeat many times)

I could give you facts and figures.
Even give you plans and forecasts.
Even tell you where I’m going.

Apostles When do we ride into Jerusalem? (Repeat many times)

Why should you want to know?
Why are you obsessed with fighting
Times and fates you can’t defy?
If you knew the path we’re riding,
You’d understand it less than I.

We live in a time where BUZZ streams 24/7. News travels at a speed faster than the global media networks can manage.    Twitter, Facebook, and other social sites take us on location and the feeds are immediate and uncensored. Sadly, the news that clogs the pipeline is seldom good and what’s even sadder, the more people get . . . the more they want.

That is, until they discover something different.

So how do you as a Christ follower slice through the noise, fear, confusion, and despair online?

You go in deep, stand mid-stream, and by the grace of a mighty King and the power of the Holy Spirit, you redirect the drift.

Where there is noise, you bring quiet.
Where there is confusion, you speak peace.
Where there is despair, you offer hope and encouragement.

Regardless of the day’s BUZZ, God is sovereign — not a little bit sovereign — wholly sovereign.

“Declaring the end from the beginning and from ancient times things that are not yet done, saying,
‘My counsel shall stand, and I will do all My pleasure.’”

Isaiah 46:10

What BUZZ or social currents have you directed that focus on Him? How’d you do it?

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  • Robert

    I have never thought about things this way. I admit I get completely caught up in what is happening and I am not thinking about what I put out there as much as I should. I never think about changing a ‘drift ‘or how I can be different. I just do stuff. Maybe I will give it a try and see what happens.

  • Tami Heim

    Hi Robert

    Thanks for posting. I appreciate your honesty. The daily flow can be a powerful force – you jump in and it moves you along – fast – really fast. I know I fall into ‘automatic’ mode ALL. THE. TIME. It takes discipline to slow it down and be intentional. I am learning more about it every day. You are not alone.

    I want to encourage you to stay after it. Just a small shift in thinking can bring about great changes. We here to cheer you on! // You go Robert!

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  • Anonymous

    I must confess that I often drift more than I’m intentional. Thanks for the reminder and challenge.

  • Tami Heim

    Being present and accountable to all your thoughts and words requires hard work and discipline. (translation: a daily death to self,) Grateful we haven’t been left here to do it on our own. I need a lot of help with this every day. Thanks for sharing Maurilio.

  • http://twitter.com/amyparker Amy Parker

    You and Toni both show that it’s much more than what you put out there. It’s what you put in. I tell my kids, “Trash in, trash out.” Conversely, “Good in, good out.” :) Your ability to constantly feed the world with good stuff is a result of feeding yourself with good stuff (Christian friends, fellowship, Bible study).

    After dedicating myself to daily devotionals and simply, truly putting God first (or striving to), what I put out there is much different than what it was five years ago. And I hope that five years from now (or tomorrow!), it’ll be even better.

    While an intentional screening of outflow is super-important, I think we must also keep ourselves filled with what is “true, pure, right” so that whether we’re tweeting or stubbing our toes, that’s also what comes out.

    And @stickyJesus has proven that when you choose to dedicate to focus on Him, it multiplies by challenging others to do the same. :) Thanks, you two, for truly being a light for Him. You’re a challenge and inspiration. <3

  • Tami Heim

    Thanks Amy. Our spiritual journey happens one day at a time. Like you – I pray that when I look back – I will be able to see and know that I am much different – more like Him.

    I am with you about good stuff going and how it completely influences what comes out me. Nothing makes a bigger difference than staying glued to God’s word and then feeding your mind and heart with all the ‘whatevers ‘ Paul beautifully outlines in Philippians 4:8. I push to put my heart on the altar every day to be altered. Sometimes it is really hard to do and hard to take. But by the grace of God, I don’t want to ever go back to where I’ve been. I have heaven on my mind and want to keep it there.

    Thanks for the light you are! We are grateful for the God-breathed inspiration in you that connects the hearts of children to the heart of our great big God. We are splashing love right back on you.