relax. he fills your gaps.

Jesus didn’t just call His followers; He equipped them. They couldn’t see the next steps in the mission ahead—so He gave them the Holy Spirit.

His followers were passionate, resilient, intuitive, communicators of the gospel (most of the time). But there were gaps in their résumés. Big gaps.

Where would they begin? Where would they go? What would they tell people? How would they mobilize? How would they influence such vastly different communities and cultures? What would they say in awkward situations? How would they respond to criticism?

The mission sounded impossible to them. And really, it was. Jesus knew that.

Think about it. If Jesus had left His followers empty-handed, they would have had to rely on their own genius. They’d do what any self-reliant preacher does: rent a used van, go on tour, preach a few dozen inspiring sermons, and motivate a few hundred lost souls—for a little while. Minus the Holy Spirit following Jesus’ resurrection, the world would have been left to rationalize Jesus’ freakish miracles. They’d scratch their heads, offer up a few shaky explanations, and keep their eyes peeled for the real Messiah. Yes, by the disciples’ limited thinking, the mission ahead was impossible.

But where man’s greatest critical thinking ends, the Holy Spirit is just getting started.

In John’s gospel, chapters 14-16, Jesus made it clear to the disciples that things were about to change. He was going home, and they would soon be on their own to carry His message to the world. This is not the time to lose your heads, He told them. Instead it’s time to light this place up like the Fourth of July—to plug in the Holy Spirit—and take this ministry and message to the next level and do even greater works!

That truth doesn’t change when you log online with a profile and screen name. The online mission field is atypical, but so too is the Holy Spirit. He bobs and weaves in the context of any culture, distills the complicated, and bridges the gaps in our spiritual résumés.

“The Counselor, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, will teach you all things and will remind you of everything I have said to you.”

John 14:26, NIV

Can the Holy Spirit help “nontechnical” (air quotes encouraged) people navigate the channels of social media? You bet!

He equips you to touch others, even if you haven’t got a clue about what Ning, Bing, Tumblr, or Twitter is. It’s safe to say, He has moved bigger mountains.

He’s doing all of this and more, right now online. He’s turning introverts into dynamic Kingdom connectors online. He’s raising up teens to be texting evangelists. He’s teaching grandmas to become technically savvy Twitter pros. He has turned thousands of “non-writers” into influential Kingdom bloggers and nuns into digital prayer warriors who minister to thousands of people a day online.

What’s stopping you? If you want to take that next step, you can start HERE.

What do you think is the biggest obstacle  people face when it comes to sharing their faith?

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  • http://www.tonyjalicea.com Tony Alicea

    First I want to say that I absolutely love what you and Toni are doing with Sticky Jesus. It is so encouraging to hear about Christians and technology in a positive perspective and in a place of encouragement, rather than fearfully proclaiming the ills of social media and online interaction.

    That said, I believe one of the biggest obstacles people face in sharing their faith is joy. I think so much has been made of evangelism that people feel this tremendous weight to “perform” by going and telling others about Jesus.

    I believe sharing your faith should be an overflow of what God has done in your life. It shouldn’t be this heavy yoke of burden. It should spill forth because of the joy you have in your heart for what God has done for you. I believe from that place, the Holy Spirit will strategically lead you to opportunities where you can share your faith with others. Don’t forget that it is “Good News”!

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  • http://stickyjesus.com @tonibirdsong

    Tony, you are singing our song! We tried very hard not to use the word “evangelism” in the book. That’s because, yes you are right, the word is simply heavy and frankly, scares a lot of people. They are tired before they begin if it’s performance-based. Instead, we like to say “share what you’ve been shown” — exactly what you’ve expressed. When we do that in a genuine, very real way, He will be seen clearly and begin to reach the hearts He has put in our path. His love can’t return void. It’s impossible.

    Thank you for being faithful here, for sparking the conversation to go deeper and for glorifying His name in every click!

  • Tami Heim

    We love that you share our heart. You bring wisdom to the conversation. I completely connect to what you say about JOY. When we let it flow from a place of joy – genuine joy – it changes everything. When you are walking with Him – knowing Him- well, you just have to tell somebody!

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  • Tjstruck2

    I myself have been a Christian for over 40year, God still amazes me with his grace and faithfulness. If we get into his word and Honor God’s word, he honors his children. God will use you in his ministry if you HONOR his word. We as christian think that we know what god wants in our life but we never open the Bible to see what God wants to do in our life, that’s the key to sucess in walking with God and his Holy spirit to lead you in your walk.

  • Tami Heim

    Thanks for sharing your testimony. May every day of our walk be filled with new wonder and amazement as we honor and live out our life for Him. He has given us all the instruction we need – we just need to follow it. We’re grateful you found us here!