potluck friday: 5 fab women to follow

It’s potluck Friday and once again we’re keeping it simple . . . real simple. Just like last week, this list could go on for a mile (and last week it did because of all of you!) We are going to get it started by sharing the scoop on five women who inspire us and many others daily online.

Then it’s your turn to add your #FF favs in the comment section.

By the end of the day, our mutual communities will be loaded with more light and more glory directed heavenward simply by believers uniting online. If you use the Follow Friday hashtag (#) effectively, this is a great way to build a targeted community that you can trust, learn from, and with whom you can swap resources and knowledge.

We know the #FF is a Twitter thing, but we selected peeps you will be able to find in many places. We highly recommend you friend them on Facebook, “like” their fan pages, drop by to comment on their blogs or check out their websites. You’ll be blessed.

Here we go…

Patsy Clairmont is an author, Women of Faith speaker, and book-lover held captive by the pages of a well-penned story. And, on Wednesdays you’ll find her in search of whimsy. Read her blog and follow her on twitter @PatsyClairmont

Dedra Herod describes herself as “just a chick in love with Jesus, her family, coffee, and running like a mother.” Read her blog and follower her on twitter @DedraHerod

Sandra Heska King is a writer and blogger living sticky for Jesus. She’s also a wife, mom, grandma, nurse, and @Compassion child sponsor who is finally learning to rest. Read her blog and follow her on twitter @SandraHeskaKing

Melinda Lancaster is a follower of Christ who ministers, teaches, counsels, and writes, in hopes of offering encouragement to those who grow weary on the road called life. Read her blog and follow her on twitter @heartcures

Michelle Sarabia is a speaker, writer, and inspirer. She blogs about her journey as a woman, a wife, a mother, and a follower of Christ. Read her blog and follow her on twitter @MichelleSarabia

Okay—it’s your turn—give us at least five of your #FollowFriday favorites!

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  • http://twitter.com/vesselproject Keiki Hendrix

    Mary DeMuth – @marydemuth
    Kimberly McCarthy – @kmac4him
    Christine Smith – @lifeverse
    Deb Joy – @hookjoy
    Cassandra Frear – @cassfrear

  • Tami Heim

    Awesome list Keiki – Let’s not forget @Vesselproject.
    way to get it rolling this morning. Bless you!

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  • http://twitter.com/karensdavis Karen Davis

    I love lists like this! Thanks for doing one because I love connecting with women doing things for the Kingdom. I am often blessed and encouraged and sometimes challenged by the fabulous women below:

    Jenni Catron: @jennicatron
    Melissa Rorabaugh: @tubswife
    Kim Cash Tate: @kimcashtate
    Angela Bisignano: @angelabisignano
    Lyn Smith: @lyn_smith

  • http://www.justachick.com dedraherod

    Humbled to be on this list with such rockin’ Jesus girls! How about these fabs?

    Lindsey Nobles – @LindseyNobles
    Kristen Welch – @WeareTHATfamily
    Robin Dance – @PensieveRobin
    Ann Voskamp – @AnnVoskamp
    Amanda Jones – @AmandaMoJo
    Myra Hope – @blessedlife2
    Stephanie Bryant – @inspiredbryant
    Priscilla Shirer – @PriscillaShirer
    Pam Case – @PamCase
    Paige Greene – @PaigeGreene

  • Toni

    Honorable mentions. Sure we did a top 5 but these women are joybringers. They’ve loves and supported the @stickyJesus movment and us personally. They love the Lord and infuse daily wisdom, kindness, humor and brilliance into our Twitter stream. Thank you women warriors for bringing your unique and brilliant LIGHT to the online space. This is AN AWESOME #FF list … please take the time to follow. Let’s build this unstoppable community!

    @Kmac4him @hleemartin @afterEve @collfosh @Kimi_Henkel @Deborahmichelle @Evangelic_Diva @EdenValley @GailHyatt @ReneeFiorilli @Journi @spreadingJOY @fireball3316 wayfmnashville @trmurillo @thepathleader @KimCashTate @JenDeshler @MeredithGould @robinbertram @JOYFULLTOO @RachelHauck @LaurieBethJones @sundijo @SueDuffield @BrendaAKeller @Jameethewriter @aVeryStory @itsjuliechapman @chapmansharp @charlipickett @100prayingwomen @wicm @tinastullracing @EEOCenter @Christian_Blogs @Sharritiner @PastorCarolK1 @SLitton @jill_chambers @PeggyReeves @NancyReece DiscoveryHouse

  • Anonymous

    I love this list dedra…I follow several of these women…will go follow the rest! Thank you! That’s a lot of girl power there!

  • Anonymous

    Yes Karen…great list…thanks! I’ve got work to do today …follow, follow!!!

  • http://twitter.com/SandraHeskaKing SandraHeskaKing

    Still recovering from finding myself here. So humbled. Thank you!

    Anne Lang Bundy — @Anne4JC
    Jesus is my Lord, God and King. It matters less what people think of me than what they think of Jesus Christ because of me. http://building-his-body.blogspot.com/

    Amy Sorrells — @amysorrells
    Writer & columnist planting seeds, exposing beauty in brokenness & loving people to God.

    Lynn Mosher — @lynnmosher
    Wife, mother, grandmother, sister, writer seeking to follow God’s leading in all things.

    Stephanie Shott – @stephanieshott
    Jesus Follower, Wife of one wonderful man, Mother of two awesome sons, Abuela(Grandma), Women’s Ministry, Speaker & Bible Teacher, Writer & Missionary Girl

    Diedra Riggs — @jumpingtandem
    Writer, dancer, movie watcher, ocean seeker. Writer for (in)courage, contributing editor for High Calling Blogs.

    Karin Fendick — @HisFireFly
    Living, loving and learning with Jesus in rural Manitoba.

  • Tami Heim

    Awesome list of amazing women. THANKS Sandy!

  • http://twitter.com/JOYFULLTOO Melinda Y.

    Humbled and honored by your mention. Thank you.
    Absolutley loving all the fabuolus ladies listed here.(need to print out this page-put next to puter’ so I can go find these new peeps)

    These ladies are building community with joy, encouragement, and truth of God’s Word online:
    Kelley Kimble- @ktkimble
    Barbara Parentini- @BarbParentini
    Dr. Tiffany Brown- @drtiffanybrown
    Darla Kim- @Darla_Kim
    Roxy Swindoll- @roxyswindoll

  • Anonymous

    YOU are a lightbringer 24/7 Melinda. Great adds. Will follow ASAP! Be blessed joyful one!

  • Anonymous

    These ladies keep it real and make it fun. Love them.


  • Tami Heim

    Thanks for adding more names Karen – awesome shout out to some remarkable women. Bless you.

  • Michelle Sarabia

    You have know idea how this touched my heart! It’s all for Him!

    These are some of my favorites:


  • http://twitter.com/jumpingtandem Deidra

    Sandy (Snady) you make me smile.
    I’m off to follow these women, because you never steer me wrong!

  • http://twitter.com/jumpingtandem Deidra

    A little bit more amazing-ness!


  • http://twitter.com/SandraHeskaKing SandraHeskaKing

    And not to leave out Jennifer Dukes Lee.

    I find hope in rooted things: family, crops, generations, words rooted in Word, Root of David. (Contributing Editor, HighCallingBlogs. Adj Prof, Dordt.)

    Find her @dukeslee and her blog, Getting Down With Jesus.