potluck friday: 5 fab men to follow

For our potluck Friday post, we’re keeping it simple . . . real simple. This list could go on for a mile but we are going to start the discussion by posting 5 #FF peope online we appreciate. If you do the same in the comment section, by the end of the day, our mutual communities will be infused with more light, more wisdom, and more truth. If you use the Follow Friday opportunity effectively, this is a great way to build a very targeted community that you can trust, learn from, and swap resources and knowledge with.

This #FF list applies to Twitter but we highly recommend you friend them on Facebook, “like” their fan pages, or drop by to comment on their blogs. You’ll be blessed.

Today’s 5 fab are all inspiring men of God.

  • Adam Taylor Bond is a missionary with EE International. He oversees XEE, which is the tool developed to equip a new generation of Jesus followers to share the story of the Gospel within the context of relationship. Read Adam’s blog and follow him on twitter @AdamTaylorBond
  • Fr. James Coles is the Pastor of Saint Ignatius of Antioch Orthodox Christian Mission in Mesa, AZ.  He also serves as the Teen SOYO Spiritual Advisor for the Diocese of Los Angeles and was until recently the North American Chaplain for the Orthodox Christian Fellowship. Read Fr. James’ blog and follow him on twitter @FrJamesColes
  • Ron Edmondson is the Pastor of Grace Community, Clarksville, TN and passionate about planting churches, helping established churches thrive, and assisting pastors. He inspires those in ministry to think through leadership, strategy, and life. Read Ron’s blog and follow him on twitter @RonEdmondson.
  • Gordon Marcy is an online missionary with Global Media Outreach, He’s learning how the Internet and emerging technologies are affecting the way evangelism, discipleship, and building the church is done. Read Gordon’s blog and follow him on twitter @GordonMarcy
  • Pete Wilson is one of the Pastors at Cross Point Church. He’s been married to Brandi for 12 years and they have three wild boys – Jett (8), Gage (6), and Brewer (3). Pete keeps it real as he unpacks  faith, family, friends, and community. Read Pet’s blog and follow him on twitter @pwilson

Okay – it’s your turn – give us at least five of your follow Friday favorites…

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  • http://twitter.com/RonEdmondson Ron Edmondson

    What an honor! Thank you for this. I am blessed!

  • Tami Heim

    We sure do appreciate you. Working on these Links, too! Bless you.

  • Fr. James

    Thank you! What an honor to be included in this list. I look forward to getting to know these men. The blessings of the Lord and His mercy continue to be with you and this new adventure you two are on.

  • Tami Heim

    Thanks Fr. James – now that you mention it – all of you would have a wonderful time together! Wow. Now that meeting would create a story to be told. We are grateful for you. Peace be with you.

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  • Toni

    Of course these are our TOP 5 but the list goes on and on and on . . .

    Here’s a short list of our #FF “more than honorable” mentions. We love and celebrate men who take the time to LEAD the conversation for Christ online! May Our Father’s Kingdom come online via “our leading men!”

    @mgrmike @steve_berger @DaveJJenkins @wayne_hastings @davidlandrith @Fr_Mabura @schnaklefarg @TimRossMinister @TroyBirdsong @elagrew @prodigaljohn @VisionSphere @smalltownpastor @DonaldMiller @oikosministries @bobbygwald @michaelhsmith @JohnCMaxwell @organicfaith @craiggroeschel @SpenceSmith @PCBCPastor @aheartforgod @JeffHolton @HRCauthor @adrianwarnock @maurilio @caseysee @JustTweets @nick_perreault @trikecreative @padre969 @KennyStole @NarrowGateGuys @MaxLucado @greglaurie @paulwasher @mcProdigal @themodernmonk @daveingland @ScottWilliams @kenblanchard @Ph1lm @TimDavisOnline @Rev_Gene @mikeglenn @ArtieDavis @dpbkmb @elagrew @MichaelHyatt @christhomason @jeremycamp @kentshaffer @flyingchristian @corepastor @kennysilva @dannychambers @AaronMarshall @PeterPollock @robbiespeaks @RobCarpenter2 @stevenfurtick @ryantmclaughlin @daveingland @TimElmore @rickwhite @pastortomjam @THEjeffbrown @TimDavisOnline @aaronsu @godvertiser @paul_steele @burk_parsons @KinderEric @dlraybur @clnar (there are MANY more . . . but here’s a start!)

  • http://twitter.com/DaveJJenkins Dave Jenkins

    Thank you for including me in this list it is quite humbling.

  • http://twitter.com/JeffHolton Jeffrey Holton

    Toni, thank you so much for this. I am honored to be included in the company of some men I know, some I’ve wanted to get to know for a long while, and some whom I’ve never heard of but on your influence will go looking for now.

    (And one who recently stopped following me, not that I’m mentioning any names. *kicks @corepastor gently in the shin to see if he’s paying attention*)

    Also, I’m not sure how I missed out on following you, but I’ve just remedied that situation. Welcome aboard!

    P.S. IMHO, you might want to remove @DonaldMiller from that list and replace him with @donmilleris. I’m pretty sure that’s who you meant.

  • Toni

    Thanks for stopping by to chat Jeff! I’ve always LOVED your sense of humor and that you are a pro at keeping it real online. Kinda makes me wanna be one of those Christian folks, ya know? … :)

    Following/Unfollowing: I’ve accidentally unfollowed people, I’m thinking (giving grace) that’s what happens some times with othere believers online. It’s interesting to watch the whole Twitter thing and the different perspectives on following. Some people are oblivious to others, and just yak away all day, while others actually take a few seconds to engage—that goes a LONG way, in my book. As we live more and more online, I’m thinking some cultural norms will settle in. Hoping believers can support one another w/o condition and give unity to the true reason we are all here —> eternity. Love seeing more LIGHT online each and every day!

    Thanks for clarifying @donmilleris. I’ll go in and fix (love fellow eagle eyes!) Be blessed!

  • Toni

    You are a light. Thank you for chosing to shine #All4Him.

  • http://twitter.com/aaronsu Aaron Unnasch

    Thanks for including me on your list Toni & Tami. Really enjoying @stickyJesus!

  • Jim Kane

    Thanks Tami and Toni for mention today and for your ministry!

  • Tami Heim

    It is awesome to see you and so many making a difference online. Way.To.Go.

  • Tami Heim

    Thanks @smalltownpastor! We appreciate you. HMMMM….Well look what I have here – just for you (_)8. See you in the courtyard. #LightON

  • http://twitter.com/SandraHeskaKing SandraHeskaKing

    It looks like men’s day here today. :)

    I’d like to add one more to mix. Scott Couchenour’s Twitter profile reads, “Burnout Executioner. Evangelist of serving strong in ministry leadership.” Scott is a certified life coach and blogger and a great encourager. He’s “committed to your success as a ministry leader and “believes life rhythm and self care are not only absolutely essential, but definitely possible.” Read his blog at http://servingstrong.com, subscribe to his PowerMail, and follow him on Twitter @servingstrong.

  • http://twitter.com/ServingStrong Scott Couchenour

    Wow, thanks Sandra for the shoutout.

  • Toni

    Indeed, we missed putting Scott on our list but we’ve been following @servingstrong for a long time now. We are super blessed by Scott’s consistent & God-honoring tweets. Gonna go ck out his blog, thanks for the head’s up, Sandy! Cheers to you Scott!

  • Toni

    Indeed, we missed putting Scott on our list but we’ve been following @servingstrong for a long time now. We are super blessed by Scott’s consistent & God-honoring tweets. Gonna go ck out his blog, thanks for the head’s up, Sandy! Cheers to you Scott!

  • Adam Taylor Bond

    Tami and Toni-
    Thank you so much for your overwhelming kindness and encouragement! I have just now awakened from a 3-day nightmare of the flu… You have just raised my spirits to new heights!! Blessings to you both, and thank you for such a timely and movement-creating ministry in @stickyJesus!!!

  • http://thejeffbrown.me Jeff Brown

    Wow, that’s some great company to be a part of. Thanks @tamiheim and @tonibirdsong!

  • http://www.justachick.com dedraherod

    You are great company JeffBrown! :)

  • http://thejeffbrown.me Jeff Brown

    Aww. Thanks Dedra. I appreciate you too.

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