7 ways to condition your heart

A good man brings good things out of the good stored up in his heart, and an evil man brings evil things out of the evil stored up in his heart. For the mouth speaks what the heart is full of.

Luke 6:45, NIV

New Year–New You. That well broadcasted phrase arrives-usually right on schedule-as you shift from singing Christmas carols to choruses of Auld Lang Syne.  Marketers get it and so do retailers. They promote, push, and position to capitalize on the hope of a new beginning–change for the better.

This week – we‘ll take a short trip between what was, in 2010, and the hope for 2011. The itinerary starts with an inside look that eventually pushes its way to the outside.

If you care about amplifying the wattage of your online shine, stick with us.

All this talk of resolutions comes with good intentions, sort of, but there’s something absolutely more important on your Father’s agenda.

It’s your heart.

Why? The outcome for everything in your life is fully heart-dependent. Forfeiting your claim to the innermost circle of your being-so it can be entered into and radically changed by the power of an almighty God-works every time.  You show up willing and He delivers you to the finish line.

What does willing look like? It’s open, eager, and committed to following directions. It says,  “I surrender the me-me-me in me…” and enters into a place where only God is exalted.  And that’s the exact location where a digital scribe creates the biggest dent in the darkness.

Your heart conditioning plan:

  • Be deliberate about preparing your heart to go online and show up devoted to the larger, eternal mission.
  • Get on your face before God before you get on Facebook and seek Him before you tweet.
  • Ask for the Holy Spirit’s guidance and discernment before you enter into social media platforms.
  • Remain intentional about checking your heart for conceit, superiority, prejudice, and judgment.
  • Stay fully present when you engage. Keep your heart wide open.
  • Acknowledge that God values every person you encounter online and that breathing hearts are behind every picture and post.
  • Choose to be digitally generous. Retweet, post comments to blogs, follow up on e-mails promptly, and help promote worthy causes online.

Post/Tweet this:

Center your heart on the altar daily. God is faithful to challenge and change it for His glory. #LiveSticky

How else can a digital scribe prepare his or her heart to be God’s Light – online?

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