7 tips to maximize your time online

You have given me only a few days to live. My whole life doesn’t seem like anything to you. No man’s life lasts any longer than a breath. – Psalm 39:4-5, NIRV

If you were told you had only a week to live, chances are you wouldn’t spend your last precious hours surfing, clicking, and LOLing. Living in the Land of Shiny Things extracts all sense of time.

Time simply slips away. What you think will take a few minutes takes an hour. There’s always a form to fill out, an email to answer, an attachment to send, a profile to update, or a comment that just can’t wait.

As a Christ follower you have a holy responsibility to guard the time God has gifted you. Studies show that internet addiction is a real condition of our wired society. Too much time online can result in memory loss, impatience, fatigue, diminished eyesight, carpal tunnel syndrome, hand and back problems, and even depression. Unbalanced online time can rob precious time from family, friendships, and fellowship with God.

Don’t become a digital statistic. Get serious. Get a plan. Get on your face. Ask God to help you live in a wired world without getting sucked into the black hole of mindless chatter.

7 tips to get you rolling:

  1. Pray. The enemy has come to steal, kill, and destroy you and your time. Daily pray for protection and holy spirit authority over your time online.
  2. Use a kitchen timer. It’s old school but it works! When the buzzer goes off, shut down and step away from the shiny gadget.
  3. Go digitally dark. Turn off all technology for 1-2 days a week to rest and restore your mind and spirit. This great for adults and kids.
  4. Pursue face-to-face (F2F) fellowship. Fellowship with those in the family of God is a surefire way to actively resist the enemy’s snares. Don’t expect fellowship to show up—pursue it! Your online success depends on it.
  5. Commit to your click. Say ‘no’ to rabbit holes when you are headed to an online destination. It’s easy to get distracted. Clicking links, polls, and photos will only sabotage your time saving goals. Answering every request and invitation will leave you with little fruit or peace. Keep a “to do” list next to your computer calling out pre-determined tasks. Check them off as you finish them, then log off.
  6. Condense your networks. Use a journal and write down a mini-plan for your online time. Each week identify 5-10 Facebook friends, 5-10 blogs, 5-10 Twitter streams to engage. Then, stick to that week’s plan. Switch out your groups week to week. Remember, it’s not about quantity, it’s about quality.
  7. Google your tools. A slew of free tools such as Google Calendar (organize your appointments), TweetDeck (organize your Twitter accounts and links/updates your other social networks simultaneously), Evernote (digital reminders), RescueTime (a time tracker that shows you where you spend your time online).

Post/Tweet this today:

The enemy has come to steal your hours and your days. Get serious about where you go, what you do, and how you spend your time online. #LiveSticky

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  • http://www.darrenscully.com Darren Scully

    Well, I for one will say…this was well worth my time online! Thank you for this article! Your right. I will trade some random online time with some “kid” time tonight. News will always be around to read later. Thanks!!

  • http://twitter.com/SandraHeskaKing SandraHeskaKing

    Good plan #6. There’s freedom there.

    I’ve also blocked almost all Facebook apps, though I love that people think enough of me to send me smiles and hugs, etc.

  • Anonymous

    I’m with you on those apps. Why go to Farmville when heaven awaits? Ha!

    I think the graphic messages are great for people uncomfortable with words (NOT you Snady!). I know people who send those to “reach out” because they are afraid they will write the wrong thing on Facebook.

  • Anonymous

    Love that you dropped by Darren! We’re grateful that God’s word is being found in the noise. May He bless you richly with some “surprising” amazing moments with your family this week. He is good like that, ya know! Blessings to you, brother.

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  • http://gospelgirly.blogspot.com/ GospelGirl

    This is a great post. I will share it with my friends. The issue of online time management is a serious problem for most Christians and God will ask us to give an account of our time, I know I struggle with it sometimes. I even wrote a post about it …
    Thanks for sharing this. :)

  • Anonymous

    Awesome – thank you for passing on the post. This issue will become HUGE for Christians in the days to come. To man our posts with knowledge will be key in spreading the gospel in a wired world.

  • Anonymous

    Wonderful post and much needed in this digital age.
    Thanks, friends!

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