humility: living it out

He guides the humble in what is right and teaches them His way. Psalm 25:9, NIV

So what do you do to walk and live out humility online? You take take it one step at a time and….

Reach out- The easy path is to seek people that are just like you, but you reach out to someone that is not like you. You find someone outside the usual circle of friends. Or find someone that’s just getting started in social networking. You’re the hand that brings them along.

Seek to serve – You look for opportunities to share what’s been given to you. You may answer a simple tech problem, make a quick recommendation or offer a resource that might be the perfect portal to sharing Truth in the future.

Model gratitude – You’re thankful and say thanks. You give people a nod when kindness is extended. You’re digitally generous, eager to celebrate, and promote the good contributions of others.

Speak with a gentle tone – Your words lift others up. You never condescend or diminish another person’s value.

Think less of self – You promote the Lord’s name and His fame. You talk little about yourself. If  you’ve written a book, gotten another award, given a donation, or had lunch with a famous person, you don’t broadcast it over, over, and over again. You don’t drop names repeatedly in order to be elevated.

Now you might be wondering- does being humble mean you can’t express self-confidence?


Just know there’s a fine line between confidence and arrogance. Confidence can talk a lot, but that talk inspires others and is concerned with igniting excellence in them. Arrogance tends to be self absorbed and oblivious to the needs, insight, or aspirations of others.

Expertise, talent, and excellence are God-given and deserve to be recognized in this world. When a Christ follower displays excellence in his or her craft or talent, God is glorified in a powerful way. The world takes note. However, you must never let that recognition lead to self-elevation.

If you find yourself gravitating toward applause or attention online repeatedly, then it’s a good indication you’ve lost sight of the mission.  Know that God loves you too much to allow you to continue on that path for long. He will step in and redirect. Now is a good time to settle it with God if you feel you need Him to restore a humble heart in you.

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With less of you and more of Him you’ll quickly learn to walk humbly in His ways. #LiveSticky

How else is humility lived out online?

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  • Julie Kolb

    Lovely post..Kinda like a rule in fashion~ less is more :)

    I like the “speak with a gentle tone”..My grandmother used to say “Cultivate a soft voice, a soft answer turneth away wrath”..

    All very good advice

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  • Anonymous

    Your Grandma sounds like a wise & wonderful woman, Julie. My toughest battles can usually be traced back to pride and “tone.” Always working on that it seems! :)

  • http://www.tonyjalicea.com Tony Alicea

    My supposition is that confidence talks very little and usually only when needed. Confidence has nothing to prove. Humility is confidence in something greater than yourself. Humility seeks to serve and exalt others because of the confidence of it’s position. That position if found in Christ.

  • Tami Heim

    “Humility is confidence in something greater than yourself.” – Well said Tony.
    Grateful I share that same position in Christ. Praise Him.