you gotta tell somebody, now

His story in YOU - waiting to be written and shared

There are so many other things Jesus did. If they were all written down, each of them, one by one, I can’t imagine a world big enough to hold such a library of books.

John 21:25 The Message

If you have been with us for a while you know our hearts and why we exist. If not, here’s the scoop:

  1. We want to equip you, the Christ follower, to confidently live out your faith in the digital world.
  2. We’re here to infuse biblical perspective and daily inspiration into your online time.
  3. We’ll help you grow your technical know-how so you can share the sticky love of Jesus Christ with others.

We’re teaching, listening, and collaborating with a fired-up community of digital scribes about culture, social media, and the kind of relationship building that will outlive cyberspace.  Think NOW but with eternal consequence.

power in the moment

Everyday people are sharing real life experiences online – in the moment. In fact, based on Nielsen studies – people are spending 110 billion minutes a month online.  Yeah – just try to count it.

People are using social media to stream and record life. How many times have you found yourself online experiencing someone else’s meal, trip to the gym, conference event, celebration, walk down the street or road trip?  Exactly. It’s happening all the time. Sometimes those online ‘reality experiences’ are awesome, inspiring, interesting, exhilarating, or funny. Other times, not so much.

But here’s what we know about you- a Holy Spirit enabled believer. You not only can take others with you, but you can lead them right to the center of God’s heart. You can interrupt all the noisy online conversations with what He’s doing and how He’s moving NOW-in your life.

Take a moment. Take notes.

We are going to hang here and talk about how you can do it – all week long. It starts with what God is doing.

  • What’s He doing in your heart?
  • What’s He doing in  your family?
  • How is He working in your friendships?
  • How is He showing up in your work?
  • How is He impacting your church?
  • What’s He doing while you serve others?
  • What’s He revealing to you in the quiet times?

time to go

Do you hear Him calling you to share?  Are you ready to play full-out as a digital scribe? Are you ready to turn up the amplifier on His story alive and happening in you?

He’s already commanded you, in this time and place, to broadcast and make Him known. Social media make it possible and as Don Francisco sings, (and can be shared via a single click) – You Gotta Tell Somebody!

Post/ Tweet this:

Tell somebody what Jesus Christ has done & is doing for you. Ready. Set. Go. #LiveSticky

You can start right here. What’s God doing in your life – right here – right now?

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  • http://twitter.com/MegMeeker Meg Meeker

    Teen Community Bible Study in Traverse City, MI at Faith Reform Church@6:30 PM. Watch the Holy Spirit come alive in you!!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the reminder. I find that I benefit more from the spiritually-focused posts I write than probably the people who read them.

  • Bradkirkpatrick5

    Keep up the great work….let the Holy Spirit work through us and help us not filter the greatness He has in store for each of us!

  • Wkimmins

    If you are having feelings that you cannot figure some things out on your own…you have started to figure things out…rely on Father as he will nudge you in the right direction…this exactly what is happening to me in this very moment.

  • http://twitter.com/SavedByGrace38 Nanette

    Thank you for the reminder – Holy Spirit, lead away! 😀 Praise the Lord!

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  • Tami Heim

    Praying for you right now that His direction is clearly revealed and that you walk boldly and with great confidence in it.

  • Tami Heim

    That’s it Nanette! Once you turn it over He will get you where He wants you to go. Yes Holy Spirit, lead away!

  • Tami Heim

    And may we have the courage to tell others of His great faithfulness to us! Thanks Brad – I am joining with you and praying the filters fall. Amen.

  • Tami Heim

    I love the posts you write when God has just deposited something deep into your heart. Funny, but I always thought they were just for me. Write on, my friend!

  • Tami Heim

    Awesome Meg – how wonderful you will be there watching Him at work in those teens. Be sure to share with others what happens. We join you-believing in the power only He can bring-will come. Thanks for all you do and how you invest in our sons and daughters.