tweets that wreck you

I am CompelledFor Christ’s love compels us, because we are convinced that one died for all, and therefore all died.

II Corinthians 5:14, NIV

Is it possible for a series of tweets to wreck you? Absolutely.

It was January of 2010 when David Landrith, pastor of Long Hollow Baptist, released the twitter stream from the earthquake crumbled streets of Port-au-Prince, Haiti which ultimately altered my life-forever.

the background

Our church, in partnership with the Global Orphan Project and El Shaddai Ministries, was constructing an orphanage in Jeremie, a small village located approximately 110 miles from Port-au-Prince.  Immediately following the earthquake, leaders from our church quickly left to survey the devastation, prioritize the needs, and determine how our church could effectively mobilize to help.

While that team left for Haiti, we left for a long weekend in Colorado with our daughter, Zoe and son-in-law, Matt. For me this ski trip was like standing at the corner of bitter and sweet.  It was to be our last family trip before the newlyweds’ move to South Korea. It’s a joy to know your kids are moving in response to God’s call, but it’s still very hard for a mother’s heart to ignore the distance between Tennessee and the other side of the world.

when it started

Rolling down the highway-somewhere perfectly flat like Kansas-I picked up Pastor Landrith’s twitter stream. It came roaring into my phone – live from Haiti. Here’s how it tracked:

  • We are negotiating the price for gas to fill up on our trip to PAP. Obviously they told me to keep my mouth shut. 10:50 AM Jan 26th from web
  • Going through a neighborhood, trying to find a boy’s mother. Please pray we find her. His name is Johnny.10:56 AM Jan 26th from web
  • Hardly anyone sleeps inside in Haiti right now for fear of another earthquake.11:14 AM Jan 26th from web
  • We found Johnny’s mother!! He’s going to be one happy kid!!11:41 AM Jan 26th from web
  • We just arranged the pick-up of 3 orphans at Gen Hospital. The patients are in tents but are getting excellent care.2:02 PM Jan 26th from web
  • Due to bureaucratic red tape, we will have to try again tomorrow to pick up the children. The Swiss are not my favorite people right now.2:40 PM Jan 26th from web
  • Posted a video from Haiti – http://blogs.longhollow.com/david/ 1:43 AM Jan 27th from web
  • Another good night’s sleep under the stars. Our team is getting ready to start the day.5:38 AM Jan 27th from web
  • We will be unloading several large supply trucks arriving today from the DR.6:27 AM Jan 27th from web

the impact

Praying wholeheartedly in the gaps between every tweet, the Holy Spirit used Pastor Landrith’s twitter posts to wreck me. God allowed those feeds and my own prayers to infect my heart with an indescribable longing and crazy love for a place I’d never been.  I learned quickly the power of social media in the hands of an obedient servant. I was transported straight to the heart of God-the place where it breaks for the least and the lost.

the outcome

It’s now one year later. My husband and I’ve made two trips to Jeremie, Haiti. We think differently about the meaning of our lives and anticipate with unspeakable joy the next time we’ll hold the children of Jeremie in our arms.  We are compelled.

your difference

Will you allow God to use you to wreck the ordinary routine of someone’s life?  Will you document what He’s doing and trust Him for the outcome? Will you broadcast the Good News and make Him known? Will you be compelled by the love of Christ?

So has a post or series of posts ever rocked your world?

Post/Tweet this today:

When you share truth, God’s love amplifies its impact. So what are you waiting for? #LiveSticky

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  • Anonymous

    I love this post Tami because it shows how God uses any channel of communication He chooses to get through to each generation. The Holy Spirit carries God’s message and movement to ears/hearts open to hearing it. I’m thankful that you and Dale opened your hearts at the same moment and I KNOW those kids in Haiti are grateful for Twitter, even though they likely don’t have the Creole word for that just yet. Or do they?

    I can’t recall a series that has changed me but collective influence in my reading circle belongs to: Desiring God (http://www.desiringgod.org/blog/) for it’s depth and excellence, Greg Laurie (http://blog.greglaurie.com/) because of it’s evangelism focus.

  • Barbara Collins+

    Like a significant interrupton in our lives are designed for His Divine appointments. Using social media is my little way of planting, watering and harvesting seeds for His Glory.
    Thanks yall for keeping it real.
    Barbara Collins+

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think there’s anything “little” about what you do Barbara. Keep on with your awesome online bible studies. Anything for His glory = HUGE Kingdom returns. May we all be as faithful to the call & embrace all channels to the Love of Christ to the world. :)

  • Tami Heim

    Amen Barbara – may we all seek to find His significant interruptions in our lives.

  • Tami Heim

    Thanks Toni. And thanks for the links. You know I am a fan of Greg’s but this was my first trip to Desiring God. As kids of the King we will never have a shortage of content – the world just needs more people willing to share it.

    I added, “Put Twitter thru the translator’ on my to-do list. Hmmmm.

  • http://kennysilva.net Kenny Silva

    As cliche as an answer this might be for a Nashvillian to give; the flood. To see the incredible need that was being broadcast, as well as the outpouring of support from the community. That was incredible time to get on Twitter and watch God work through our community.

  • Anonymous

    Totally agree with that, Kenny. And, we’ve included Crosspoint Church’s Social Media Story of the Nashville Flood on Pgs. 32-35 of @stickyJeus! A shameless albeit “compelled” plug! May our God be glorified here, there and everywhere …. including Twitter, et al.

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