7 ways to share Christ using mobile technology

by Toni Birdsong

Sharing Christ today is critical to someone, somewhere in your life. And, your mobile phone might just be the key to initiating that life-altering conversation. This week we’re sharing some guerilla evangelism tactics using the shiny tools at your fingertips. Today, it’s all about creative ways to upload God’s voice into the mobile conversation. Here are just a few ways:

1. Fire up your mobile apps: Faith-based app design is exploding with new apps introduced every day. We’ve chosen just a few we’ve tried that will give you an amazing amount of helpful content to email, post, or text to others. You can send scriptures, quotes, and encouragements with a click of these apps:  iShare Love Dare, Bible (lifechurch.tv), Bible.Is. (text & audio texts!), Jesus Life Together, and Promise.

2. Brush up on the basics: To ignite your personal evangelism try these apps: Christian Toolbox, Twisted Scripture, God Tools, The Roman Road, and Jesus Evangelism. These apps help answer tough questions, and go over faith basics so you can easily share.

3. Minister to specifics: The I Am Second app combines the power of visual story as video clips and addresses real life issues in a fresh, powerful way. You can minister specifically by sending links you know would help someone in a specific situation. You can also send people a link to YesHeIs.com a video sharing site that also covers a wide-range of issues ranging from abortion, to suicide, and family struggles.

4. Use Facebook Places, Gowalla, or Foursquare. Use these mobile geo-location tools to check-in at restaurants, stores, and venues so you can make it a point to say hello to neighbors, colleagues, and acquaintances you might otherwise miss.

5. Connect with photos & videos. Digital allows us to engage anytime, anywhere and for any reason. So brighten someone’s day with a funny or inspiring video from YouTube or GodTube via text or email to brighten someone’s day. Mix it up: you don’t have to send spiritual content all the time. Send content you know would be of value to the other person.

6. Send a customized prayer. A Prayer for Loved Ones app lets you customize a powerful, pre-written prayer for someone then text that prayer directly to them. Topics include: Hope, discernment, peace, encouragement, fear, perseverance.

7. Send someone the link to your church site. Texting is a casual, friendly way to invite people to a weekend concert or special event at your church you think they may enjoy. By sending them to your church website, they will learn even about the church, get familiar with the campus and mission, and likely be more inspired to visit.

For a deeper dive into the mission field of mobile outreach, visit the team at Internet Evangelism Issues and read more about their study of converging technologies and reaching the world for Christ through mobile devices.

Take a poll: Our friend Paul Steinbruek, of Christian Web Trends recently asked believers online to take a poll about their mobile use and what features they’d like to see churches integrate into emerging apps. Here’s your chance to weigh in: take this 5 minute poll.

What are your favorite faith-based mobile apps? How do you use them?

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  • http://twitter.com/GordonMarcy Gordon Marcy

    Guerilla evangelism tactics! You’ve got it right. We’re in a battle for souls, online too. The troops need equipping like your excellent post. The enemy took Cyberspace long before we got here. I love underdog fights. I’m convinced God does too.

  • Mary

    Can you list any Blackberry apps?? Please

  • Anonymous

    Gordon, I couldn’t have assessed the battle ground any better! You’ve nailed it. Goliath is going down! :)

  • Anonymous

    Mary, about 40% of these listed are also Android apps—unfortunately, the Blackberry marketplace is even farther behind …. but the development gaps are closing. Apple has a tight grip on the marketplace because it’s been around longer (iPodTouch) and has more users. So,developers naturally go there first with their apps.

    You can Google: “Blackberry apps AND Christian” to find out which faith apps adapt for blackberry. I’m sure you’ve got enough to give you some great options for sharing faith content. :)