15 stickiest moments from the NOW Conference

And when He had spoken this, He said to him, “Follow me.” John 21:18b, NKJV

by Tami Heim
High impact was redefined this past weekend when the Lifeway Threads staff assembled 15 speakers to pour into 500+ young adults for 22 hours. Friday night at 6:50 PM the doors of the Brentwood Baptist Church opened  to host the first ever  NOW Conference. Aaron Keyes and  the worship team launched the event by clearing out the clutter, amping up the energy, and preparing hungry hearts to receive exactly what God had for them.

Experiential and unconventional were promised and based on the buzz at the breaks and trending twitter feed, the desired outcome was achieved. God’s Word dominated each hour and it was impossible to escape the urgent call to live and give others the Gospel-NOW.

On the pages of custom-designed notebooks and through the hashtag twitter stream, sacred impressions were captured in the instant the Holy Spirit interpreted them. While the event was designed for young adults, truth is relevant at any age and it begs to be given away. The NOW of living missional applies to all of us.

Here are fifteen of the stickiest moments from the NOW Conference, the speakers who shared them, and the theme of each presentation.

1.  We need to be captured by the idea of following Him. We need to fall deeper in love with Him. We need to be livers and givers of the Gospel. – Jason Hayes: One Ultimate Calling

2.  You are stewards of Kingdom treasures. The faith muscle only gets stronger when it’s exercised.  Right where you are – is where you need to be. Where you are is no accident. – Mike Glenn: Every Moment Counts

3.  No one ever hears positive internal voices. When you hear the voice in your head saying, ‘Who are you to do this? Who are you to do that?”  Just  know it comes from the accuser. God never asks you,  “Who are you?” He knows exactly who you are. – Jon Acuff: Close the Gap

4.  The only reason God allows you to wake up is to reload for Jesus Christ.John Croyle: Expectation versus Reality

5.  Fear will establish the limits of your life. You need to live life at a 45-degree angle so you can reflect the glory of God to a watching world.Pete Wilson: It’s Right in Front of You

6.  Everything in your life is to be used. You must be able to do two things: tell your story and share the Gospel. – Robby Gallaty: Your Past is Your Future

7.  Our lives are gifts to be opened.  Pay attention when God whispers, amazing things follow.Jeremy Cowart: Gifts Should Be Opened

8.  Decode the love language of those around you and speak it. Win them over to you, then win them over to Christ.Jen Hatmaker: Love Your Neighbor. Seriously.

9.  God unfolds your destiny one obedient moment at a time. –Tami Heim: Leaders Need a Leader

10. We cannot lead what we do not live. –Ed Stetzer: Mission Drives Movement

11. We want  our life in HD (High Definition), while God is beautifully telling our stories through the bumpy 8mm film of life. Rare is the person who can see God in the now.Matt Mooney: Loss is Gain

12. Success is not who you are, but what you have.Scott McDaniel: Success Does Not = Success

13. God gives you frustration to fuel your dream. Only the pain will make you move forward. – Ben Arment: Frustration Fuels Dreams

14. The Church should be the arbiter and leader of social justice, but it has outsourced this to business and governments. We must learn to love 360-degrees – all around us. Joe Knittig: The Need Never Stops

15. What’s the Gospel to you? A prayer, theological facts, or is it the driving force behind everything you do? Michael Kelley: Impact Minus the Gospel is Empty

Thanks again to the Lifeway Threads staff for the passion to live it, share it, and equip others to do the same. Well done!

Did anything  here stick for you? What counsel would you give to someone about how to live a missional life?

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Go anywhere, anytime, to do anything for Christ and the consequence of your action will always impress eternity. #LiveSticky

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  • http://kennysilva.net Kenny Silva

    The entire conference was wonderful. I had several members of my small group attend and we all learned so much. The stickiest experience I had, however, was meeting you, Tami. Honestly, I was so moved, encouraged, and inspired by your wisdom.

    Thank you for distilling some of the more salient points and sharing them with everyone here. My favorite would have to be #15. Michael’s presentation was fantastic. Ministry and service aren’t just things that we do. They’re inextricable parts of who we are in light of the Gospel.

  • Tami Heim

    You are always so kind. I’m grateful we found that window of time at the break. I’m still smiling (really big) about what’s happening with you and all that’s coming your way. I’m eager to watch it all unfold and see how you will use it to glorify God.

    I agree that Michael brought it home for the grand finale. It was a completely inspired “WOW”…. I don’t think a more powerful finish to the event was possible. A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.

    Thanks for sharing what stuck to your heart. BTW- You know that once something from God sticks – it will eventual consume you. (Ministry and service aren’t just things we do…They’re inextricable parts of who we are in light of the Gospel..) #FireOn.

  • http://twitter.com/_ParentingTwins Lois Ridley

    Oh I am soooo encouraged. CAN U help me understand what to do to REACH the young people!