8 ways to use your social networks to increase your church’s reach

I tell you the truth, whoever hears my word and believes him who sent me has eternal life. John 5:24

by Tami Heim
Things are cooking: It’s exciting to see more and more churches developing their online presence and making a Kingdom impact in the world. For example, when you look at the ground breaking ministry of LifeChurch.TV and its senior pastor Craig Groeschel, you begin to see what’s possible when a church fuses evangelism and technology. Of course we’re always excited at @stickyJesus when we encounter any church that’s passionate about digital missions.

But what’s happening in your own church? Maybe yours isn’t fully wired and you aren’t sure what you can do. Today we’re going to give you 8 ways God can use you to communicate the life-changing things He is doing in your church.

So let’s roll…

1.  Post your church’s services. Okay, so how easy is that? Each weekend post your church’s service schedule and if they’re also streaming online, include that URL. Invite your followers and friends to visit. You could even arrange for a little tweet up after the service to make visitors feel welcome.

2.  Post quotes from your pastor’s sermon. Capture a few of the ‘impact’ phrases from the day’s message or even a worship song that inspired you. Post them later as quotes on Facebook or Twitter. (It’s a debate among some, but we don’t encourage tweeting or posting during church services. Honor your pastor by being fully present).

3.  Create a Small Group Page on Facebook. If you’re in a small group or any kind of special interest group in your church, create a fan page on Facebook. Encourage everyone to post what God is doing in your group. Share testimonies, resources, study guides, or books you’re discussing. Once you’re rolling, everyone can invite their friends to “like” your group, which means that with just a few clicks, you expand your small group’s ministry—without having to find more chairs or a bigger room!

4.  Support the blogs of your  church leaders. Find out if anyone on your church staff is blogging and subscribe. Engage in the conversation on their blogs and share  posts with your online communities. It’s a wonderful way to encourage those who lead the body, expand their influence, and the reach of the gospel.

5.  Communicate special events. Get the word out on outreach events. Post the link to your church’s website and then talk up the event. Events (outside of Sunday services) are sometimes a first, safe step for someone seeking.

6.  Promote mission opportunities. Maybe someone isn’t ready to visit your church but would be interested in supporting a mission or service project. Promote these like crazy online. It’s not unusual for someone to join or support good work locally or in another country. Give others the chance to serve and you might find them in the pew right next to you the following week.

7.  Share links, pictures, and videos. Come on, someone is always taking pictures or shooting video at events. Since a picture is worth a 1,000 words there’s a whole lot of connecting that can happen. Show others what its like to be part of the community of God.

8.  Be contagious. If your church is onboard and social media savvy, be part of the faithful team that broadcasts everything that’s going on. Use your personal networks to share information—especially inviations!

See how simple it is? Seriously simple. Open the door for others to come inside. Do your part and the Holy Spirit will take care of the rest.

In the spirit of extending invitations, here’s ours: Easter is around the corner and BIG things are happening at our churches of Long Hollow Baptist in Hendersonville, Tennessee. and Grace Chapel, in Leiper’s Fork, Tennessee. Consider yourselves officially invited! (Easter and any other time!) If you take us up on this invitation, be sure to let us know you’re coming. We’d love to meet you face-to-face!

How else can you promote what’s happening in your church community?

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When you invite someone to church, you invite them to taste eternity. #LiveSticky


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  • Nancy

    Thanks. Hope to use this to spread word about pastors leadership academy. Tx do all you do and share. U r a blessing.

  • Tami Heim

    Of course Nancy – these are great ways to share about the Pastors Leadership Academy and all that is happening there. I love your passion for pastors!

  • Tami Heim

    Of course Nancy – these are great ways to share about the Pastors Leadership Academy and all that is happening there. I love your passion for pastors!

  • Stevebrown

    There is one consideration that needs to be addressed before posting your church services on line. There is the copyright/performance rights issue when performing music that must be dealt with. There is still a lot of legal ambiguity here because noone has taken a church to court, as far as I know. But I’m sure that day is coming. We must caution churches that broadcast their services to make sure they are doing things legally and paying all the necessary fees. I would love to see an article giving legal experts a chance to weigh in on this topic.

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  • Anonymous

    Good point Steve. I think the best way to share music that we were trying to express in this post is to either post lyrics (w/author attribution) or go to YouTube and share a video of the song. We don’t advocate video taping or recording and then sharing worship music from a service — not legal, you are right.

  • http://echochurch.tv/ Melanie

    Thanks for the great ideas here! I’m happy to see that our church, EchoChurch.tv, is doing several of these things already — on our site and on our Facebook page — but you gave us some new ideas to try. I enjoy your blog. Stay sticky!

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  • Tami Heim

    That’s awesome Melanie – I bet you are doing your part to expand their online reach, too! Thanks for #LivingSticky with us.

  • Kawanzaa

    Yesterday, I read this post and I “like”ed it. I attended a bible study yesterday and left with a strong unction to execute. Today,I had to come back and say- this is just what I needed to read. Thanks Tami for these 8 pearls! :-)

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  • Ron

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