21 Things Jesus Wants Every Sinner to Know . . . Right Now

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As my hands formed you, I whispered purpose into your bones.

Where can I go from your Spirit? Where can I flee from your presence?  If I go up to the heavens, you are there; if I make my bed in the depths, you are there. Psalm 139:7-8

by Toni Birdsong
So many times we overcomplicate the simple. We wrestle with things for a lifetime that could have been settled in a moment had we stopped to really listen and truly understand. How many riches have we rushed past on our way to fill another gap? Whether you are Christ follower, a fence walker, or a non-believer who just stumbled on to this post “by chance,” Jesus Christ has something to say to you right now. He has called out your heart amid a digital stream of millions to make sure you hear His voice and understand how far His love will go to find you.

Here’s what Jesus wants you to know:

  1. You are my beloved. (Eph. 5:1)
  2. I knew you before you were born. As my hands formed you, I whispered purpose into your bones. I can’t not love you. (Ps. 139:1-6)
  3. I love you beyond human reason—even at your very worst, steeped in sin. (Rom. 5:8)
  4. My love is contrary to all you know of “love.” I Love you “even though” and “deeper still.” My love reaches, pursues, remains. (Ps. 36:5)
  5. My Love for you won’t walk out, fail, or ever come to an end. (Deut. 31:8)
  6. No matter what you’ve heard or what you’ve come to believe, there’s nothing that can separate you from my Love. (Rom. 8:38-39)
  7. I am not like people. So please—don’t put human words in my mouth or apply human behaviors to my character. You will miss me altogether. (Isaiah 55:8)
  8. I’ve never ignored you. I’ve been here all along. Protecting. Loving. Waiting. (Ps. 56:8)
  9. Your love of _____ (sin) isn’t worth eternity. I will break your chains. I will give you the desires of your heart. (Jn. 8:32, Ps. 37:4)
  10. Please forgive some of my followers. People—even Christian people—will fail you. You live in a fallen land, where no one is perfect and all need My grace. Put your faith and trust in Me alone. (Psalm 146:3)
  11. There’s no sin I will not forgive. You are the “whosoever believes in me” whom I will give eternal life . . . if you believe. (John 3:16)
  12. As resourceful and brilliant as you are, you cannot save yourself. It’s by God’s grace and faith in Me alone that you are saved. (Eph 2:8-9)
  13. I understand your pain and heartbreak. And my heart breaks with you. (Is. 53:3)
  14. There’s nowhere you can go where my Love won’t find you. (Psalm 139:7-8)
  15. The shame and guilt weighs you down has been taken care of on the cross. Your bill has been zeroed out. (John 3:16)
  16. The addictions. The pride. The selfishness. The hate. The lust. The jealousy. The critical spirit. The greed. I can heal it. All of it. You can start fresh. Today. (Rom. 8:1-4)
  17. I will forgive you. But only if you ask. And I care more about the “ask” than I do about the sin. (Acts 3:19)
  18. I will not force you to do or be anything. I want a relationship with you more than I want to rule over you. (Jeremiah 31:3)
  19. I will forgive your sin and I will forget it. That’s right—completely erase it from my mind. No replays, no record. Gone. (Ps. 103:12)
  20. It’s never too late to turn your life around. I came to give second chances. (Luke 23:42-43)
  21. I love you. Let’s talk. (Jer. 29:13)

Which of these verses is speaking to your heart right now?

Post/Tweet today any of the above in your stream or on your Facebook. Put the hashtag #LoveJesus on the end of each/any tweet.

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  • tonibirdsong

    Hi Marilyn – yes you may …. please just link back to http://www.StickyJesus.com and if you can, mention the book available on Amazon. Also, please make clear that these are paraphrased. We’ve had some comments that we’ve altered the scripture with this post but we clearly took creative liscense inspired by the literal scripture. We tried to put this in layman terms with an artistic, 21st century point of view – not unlike The Message. The core truth of the scripture has not been altered of course. Thanks so much! God bless you and your efforts to spread the gospel. <3

  • Marilyn Briggs


  • GKStrang

    All of them.

  • david


  • sunil

    forgive me jesus i need you more den more to me i love you my holy father

  • Gwendolyn Wells-Loiacono

    Rev 1:3 Great blessings belong to the person who reads the words of this message from God and to those who hear this message and do what is written in it.

    Courtney, God gave you a brain. Now use it. Remove the lies you’ve been taught all your life & use your common sense (God gave that to us all).
    Jesus told us that He spoke is parables (stories) because most people do not understand, so he basically told “fairy-tales” so the one not understanding at least could get something out of it. BUT for those whose ears and eyes have been opened, there is a WHOLE other meaning in the words.
    And so it goes in all of scripture and the New Testament. The people who have no understanding read the words, not knowing or understanding what they are reading. I pray you ask God to speak to you directly. He can, you know :)

  • Nokgam Konyak

    11. There’s no sin I will not forgive. You are the “whosoever believes in me” whom I will give eternal life . . . if you believe. (John 3:16)
    20. It’s never too late to turn your life around. I came to give second chances. (Luke 23:42-43)
    Very encouraging verses.

  • Lawrence

    The addictions. The pride. The selfishness. The hate. The lust. The jealousy. The critical spirit. The greed. I can heal it. All of it. You can start fresh. Today. (Rom. 8:1-4)

    – Forgive me Jesus for i have sinned… Im at my weakness and I need you to guide me. Please help me and have full control of me. Help me release this negative attitude inside me. Strengthen my faith and teach me to be a better person.

  • Tiago lopes

    It’s never too late to turn your life around, I came to give second chances

  • Ray Daker

    Ask Jesus into your heart.

  • Atwas911

    You can’t invite imaginary people into a bodily organ. Let alone one responsible for pumping the blood around your body. It’s fucking impossible. You’re god damn stupid brainwashed retard.

  • Atwas911

    Don’t lie.

  • Atwas911

    Go find something productive to do.. Don’t waste your life with this Jew Zombie non-sense.

  • Guest

    “Be still and know that I am God”

  • http://courtneyscorneronline.com Courtney

    God gave me an exceptional brain, in fact, and I have the IQ tests to prove it. Perhaps you should stop reading the ERV and get a decent translation of the Bible. There are many out there that do not add words and give you some erroneous concept of Jesus and his message. At the very least, you should get a lexicon so you can see just how far ERV is from the original manuscripts. Revelation 1:3 specifically refers to embracing the prophesy given in the book of Revelation, which is all about the last judgement and, yes, the separation of everyone who does not believe from those who do. Whether that is a literal lake of fire or a spiritual torment of sorts is not something you or I could possibly know, but whatever heaven is, it has an opposite that we can call hell if it exists at all. There would be no need for us to be Christians if all people were forgiven automatically. People of all religions or none at all as well as those with no moral compass whatsoever would all be equally worthy of salvation, and all the Biblical references to the elect, which implies there must be a group that is not elect, would be irrelevant. Rejecting parts of scripture you don’t like or trying to explain them as fairy tales because you don’t like the literal implication is not Christianity. It is a religion of your own making. There are parts of the Bible that are in fact figurative, but it is very clear that they are figurative by prefacing it as a parable or a vision. There are plenty of sermons in which Jesus mentioned hell and clearly was not telling a parable, and the Apostle Paul never told parables and spoke of both grace and judgement quite freely. We can just go do whatever we want, kill people, steal what we cannot afford to buy, do everything solely in our own self-interest without any regard for others, because according to you there is really no such thing as sin since there is no reason to refrain from it. Surely you have a moral code, but you have no real religious justification of it if you truly believe all are saved. Jesus talks repeatedly about turning people away because he does not know them, in plain language apart from his parables. Parables contain symbolism where everything represents something else and the message is significant. You cannot separate wheat from weeds if there are no weeds to be separated, and that parable is followed by a very clear explanation so that there should be no mistake. Heaven and hell, good and evil, light and darkness, up and down, hot and cold, are tautologies. It is logical that one exists if you submit that its opposite exists. If there is no punishment for rejecting God, there is no reward for accepting him. Any reward we did receive would be like little leagues that give trophies to both teams regardless of who wins. It would be completely meaningless for Adolf Hitler to receive the same reward in heaven as Dietrich Bonhoeffer.

  • Sura Ngenzi

    Indeed! God bless you for his work.no.2 has touched me very much

  • Sleepingsloth

    Now is this random stumble?, Or was it ment to be?!, Is this a true God moment. it’s been so long, lost walking aimlessly through life, missing my family missing myself ,All of this, answers everything you can catch me on milburn982@gmail.com
    If you have any insite how I can move on from here as a believing, once living Christian, now just a repeat offender of sin


    I am more about the ask than the sin. Jesus love is the most wonderful gift that anyone can be given. I pray for all of you and your families. May the Lord fill your heart with the Holy Spirit and your lives with joy!


    I will pray for you brother.

  • Jack

    You people really need to check your sources. I check a lot of these in my bible and most of them don’t say anything even close to what you’ve written up here. I’ll give you an example: Isaiah 53:3 says “He was despised and rejected by mankind,
    a man of suffering, and familiar with pain.
    Like one from whom people hide their faces
    he was despised, and we held him in low esteem” It most definitely doesn’t say I understand your pain and heartbreak and my heart breaks with you. Seriously, if you’re going to be spreading God’s word at least respect it enough to make sure you got it right. This is pathetic

  • suz

    You speak your own mind n your own belief. May Jesus lighten n show you who is actually the mentally ill nutcase. Peace n beg forgiveness to the lord fot your ignorance.

  • http://www.thepursuitofhappiness.me Wes @ TPOHappiness

    Interesting list. Thanks for sharing

  • Jacqueline Roberts

    Dear person much loved by the Lord,

    Christ came into the world to save sinners like you and me. Have you
    ever thought about what happens after you die? I have. It has brought me
    much anxiety thinking about it, because I know that this life does not
    last forever and one day, we all will die.

    A lot of people today do not think about where they will spend eternity, and this thinking is a big mistake.

    what happens after death? The Bible is the only book that can tell us
    what happens to us after we die. God Himself wrote this great book; it
    is probably the most important book that was ever written.

    Do you
    mind if I quote some Scriptures? Some people get offended when I quote
    the Bible, but I never do. Do you know why? Because I am a Christian and
    I believe that Jesus is my Saviour. The Bible says so. And with that
    being said, I will give you some Bible verses to help you and educate

    So what happens after we die? The Bible teaches that man is a
    tripart being composed of spirit, soul, and a fleshly body. At death,
    our souls separate from our body and goes back to God to be judged by
    Him. God will judge everything we do in the body, whether good or bad.

    But here is the bad news. You see, nobody is truly a good person. You see, only God is truly good.

    you ever told a lie? Have you ever stolen anything? Have you ever hated
    anyone? If you have, then you have sinned. Killing others is also a
    sin, and yet you hear every day on the news that someone has murdered
    somebody else. Why? Because mankind are sinners and on their way to a
    burning Hell.

    Rom 3:23 :
    For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God;

    that you know that no one is good in God’s eyes, how do we then become
    good? How do we become vindicated before God? The Bible teaches that we
    need to have Jesus’ righteousness but the only way to do that is to come
    to Him by faith:

    Rom 10:9
    That if thou shalt confess with thy
    mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath
    raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.

    Rom 10:10
    For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.

    you see that you need to believe in your heart that God raised up Jesus
    from the dead, and you also need to confess with your mouth that Jesus
    Christ is the Lord.

    If you die without Christ, you will spend
    eternity in Hell. In our modern world today, people think that Hell is a
    place of never-ending parties and good times. They think that all of
    their friends will be there. But that is far from the truth. You would
    think that these people have never read the Bible, or that they have
    never taken it seriously.

    The Bible teaches that Hell is a place
    of never-ending fire and torment, and my dear friend, that is not very
    much fun (this truth has scared a lot of people). It is a place of tears
    and no hope. It is darkness and loneliness. You won’t be able to see
    anyone at all. It is eternal separation from God Himself. Since God is
    the Source of Joy and Happiness, that means that everything apart from
    Him is tears, sorrow, and no happiness. And that does not sound like
    very much fun at all, doesn’t it?

    So my dear friend, for your own
    eternal safety, I pray that you will accept Jesus Christ into your
    heart today, and make Him Lord over your life.

    If you have done
    this, you need to find a Bible-believing church where you can grow in
    God’s Word. And you also need to find out what God wants you to do with
    your life, so that you may serve Him.


  • Godson Chijioke

    It is His wish that no one should perish

  • Johanna Galyen

    #13 – A God who really hears and cares for me! I love this!

  • Mann Reyes Jr.

    I love this promise to His children. Amazing!
    I’ve never ignored you. I’ve been here all along. Protecting. Loving. Waiting. (Ps. 56:8)

  • Joseph Rimmer

    I ask Jesus to forgive me of all the sins I have lived the last 40 years. I ask him for his forgiveness and I Joseph his son ask him into my heart and soul. I ask him where or what shall I do with the rest of my life from now until I meet him?

  • https://shonnapremock.com Shonna Premock


  • http://findsinglegirl.com Ritu

    ohh! really sweet thing.