5 questions Christians should ask themselves before logging on

Nations will come to your Light, and kings to the brightness of your dawn. - Isaiah 60:3


Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father. ~John 14:12

by Toni Birdsong
We are God’s beloved. We are heaven’s people; the blood-bought, Calvary claimed sons and daughters of the Most High King. We are the rescued ones empowered by the Holy Spirit to cover even greater earthly ground for the gospel than Christ himself.

But do we really get what that means? Better yet: Do believe it? If so, we should log online each day with the untamable expectation that through our words, ideas, and interactions, Jesus Christ will be seen. When we truly believe and live out Jesus’ words in John 14:12, then The Great Commission stops being an ideal and becomes a personal, burning, reachable charge.

5 questions to consider before you log on today:

  1. What’s my plan and purpose for being online? Are you wandering around aimlessly, casually posting minus a biblical filter? Are you chatting on and on without a point? Stop. Be quiet. Pray. Ask the Holy Spirit to anoint you with a purpose and lead you in a plan for your online time.
  2. Am I majoring in the minors? Do you spark conflict, whine, complain, judge, make sarcastic comments, post random nothings, or criticize others? If so, you you’ve lost sight The Great Commission and the amazing opportunity to share the gospel in the online space. Log off. Get into the word. Ask God to anoint your thoughts, eyes, and words.
  3. Would Jesus approve of how I spend my online time? Not every click needs to be about sharing your faith, however, every click does need to align with the teachings of Christ. Please—be interesting, funny, creative, diverse, and opinionated—just don’t allow the “you” to clash with holiness and majesty of your King. Yes, the temptation is great so ask God for help.
  4. Am I influencing culture or is culture influencing me? Are you fixed in your purpose and standing your ground or are you easily (or subtly) swayed by the cultural banter, music, opinions, news stories, and assortment of morals swirling around you? If you’re confused about the biblical view of a controversial issue or idea—or if you are emotionally charged—don’t post! Log off. Breathe. Search the scriptures. Pray.
  5. Does my digital footprint point others toward heaven? If you added up your posts, comments, photos, profiles, tweets and “likes,” would they point others toward heaven or confuse them about who Jesus is and why He came?

Remember, you can’t make a difference in this world unless you are different. Your Sunday worship doesn’t need to end abruptly when you show up in the world on Monday. Don’t hoard the Love that saved your life. Be brave. Stand apart. Be the light in the darkness so that others will be able to recognize and encounter the person of Jesus Christ.

Do you struggle with any of the above questions? Can you add a question/s to our list?

Post/tweet this today:
Don’t hoard the Love that saved your life. Be brave. Stand apart. Be a light in the darkness. #LiveSticky


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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001999100465 Deanne MacBurnie

    Hi Toni, I’m not sure if you have seen my online magazine yet, but it is an inspirational, uplifting christian magazine.  I would like to feature your above article in the next issue.  Here is the link so you can check it out http://issuu.com/tellitonthemountain looking forward to hearing from you.

  • Anonymous

    Hey Deanne, I answered you via Facebook. I checked out your mag and love your focus. We’d be honored to be included. Keep bringin’ the light, sister. :)

  • Herbie

    Great post! Something we all need to keep uppermost in our minds as we wander through the digital expanse.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks @cc2aa8760ed7fd5ce7f8cb1cb29b5518:disqus , so happy you dropped by with an extra dash of Light. Be blessed, brother. :)

  • http://twitter.com/DataGenesis Mark Prasek

    Gogent. Provocative. Relevent. Good Job! Full Armor!

  • Anonymous

    Awwwww @twitter-73408582:disqus … I love seeing your “Full Armor” back in the mix. Love you brother! :)

  • http://atwas911.wordpress.com/ Atwas911

     The Christian religion is a fraud. Totally false.

    I draw this conclusion based upon the following pieces of evidence.

    1. The story of Christ (virgin birth, betrayed by a friend, death,
    resurrected) has been plagiarized hundreds of times throughout history
    stretching back thousands upon thousands of years before Christianity.
    These gods are known as Solar Messiahs. They are all just myths that
    represent the Sun, or God Sun, The light of the world, the savior of
    mankind.. Not the SON of God.

    2. Every single one of your religious holidays, days that you all drop
    to your knees in worship of this imaginary and false creature have also
    all be plagiarized. These days were the pagan days of worship when they
    were worshiping the Sun. Christmas for example, or as it really should
    be know.. The pagan holiday Yule, was the day that the pagans celebrated
    the changing of the seasons, winter was coming to an end and they were
    welcoming the spring. They celebrated this by the tracking of the Sun’s
    movement through the sky.. The Winter Solstice is when the Sun
    officially begins to over power the darkness and the warming begins.

    They viewed this holiday as the “rebirth” of the Sun.
    When Christians stole the holiday.. Its suddenly became a celebration of the Birth of the Son rather than Sun.

    3. The symbol of your worship.. The cross.. You all assume that its
    meant to be a reminder of the suffering your lord Jesus endued so that
    you may be free from your sins..

    Image link to christian cross: 

    But once again.. this is also a plagiarized symbol from early pagan sun
    worship. This cross with the circle around it.. The symbol that appears
    atop countless churches and places of worship is nothing more than a
    modified version of the pagan wheel of the zodiac.. A tool that was used
    to track the movement of the SUN though the sky.

    Image link to cross of the zodiac:

    an image that also has been around for thousands upon thousands of years previous to Christianity.

    You’re a pagan Sun worshiper, but have been brainwashed into believing
    that the Sun is a human, a human by the name of Jesus, who is the Son of
    God, and not the God Sun, or the Sun in the sky.

    Thousands upon thousands of years of human suffering, murder, and
    torture, all because your kind has still failed to realized that the Sun
    or Son, is not a god, or anything divine.. Its just a burning ball of
    nuclear gas in the sky/heavens.

    At least the ancients had good reason for Worshiping the God Sun.. It
    was the bringer of life.. Nothing could exist without it.. So if there
    ever was an item fit for worship.. The Sun would be it. It brought light
    in the morning to save them from the predator filled darkness.. It
    brought the warmth in the spring that made the crops grow.. This was at
    that time.. The absolute most important thing and its easy to see why it
    was worshiped by stone age primitive people.

    But modern people.. people who should know better.. There is no excuse for still being this delusional.

  • http://twitter.com/ThePriss April Coble

    Thank you for this. I have recently found that my presence online has been useful. It’s hard for others to understand, Christian or otherwise. One instance, God set before me someone who needed help immediately, and He put me on the job. I could get into the other, but I’m taking that backing off seriously. I know anger in itself isn’t sinful, but I know as well that my response can be if I’m not careful to control it. I had to be kind and focus on the person I was lifting up, rather than the words of the person who intended to tear down.

    It’s heartbreaking that some people have a hard time with the peace and joy of others to the point of having a driving desire to destroy it. I don’t know why that is, but I did good in expressing my unwillingness to tolerate poor behavior without falling into it myself.

    Stepping away and logging off is often the wisest thing we can do. Give God time to do work in us and give ourselves time to think and use kind, rational and truthful words.

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  • JR

    These are questions that should be asked before leaving your home or picking up the phone, not just going on on-line.

  • Fredandkimleviton

    If only everyone would read this.maybe fb could turn into spreading Gods word and not the worlds . thanks i really loved this:)

  • Tyza Garcia

    Thank you for this post! I especially liked key point #5. I think sometimes we click and post things we see as harmless. This really has made me think twice about what I post, why I post and when I post.

  • francis

    Have you ever heard of demons and demoniacs? If you have, then logic will inform you that Angels do exist as well. I have your devil, I will have my God.