7 ways to build courage and speak truth

Be courageous and take heart all you who hope in the Lord.

By Tami Heim

But many who heard the message believed; so the number of men who believed grew to about five thousand. Acts 4:4, NIV

Peter and John knew well the walls of captivity, but it never slowed them down. For them every situation was an opportunity to share Jesus with a new audience. When they spoke, people were saved and lives changed. The Holy Spirit perfected the sequence of their words and they courageously delivered it.

  • Assert the name of Jesus.
  • Share the message of salvation.
  • Extend the invitation.
  • Step back and watch the Holy Spirit complete the work.

God used ordinary men to move with extraordinary confidence and courage. For them, nothing else mattered – nothing. That same power and courage are waiting to be released in you.

The Holy Spirit is ready to lift your voice above the digital noise and create an eternal chain reaction. One blog, one status update, or a single tweet can reach millions of hearts in search of new Life. Here’s how you begin.

1. Diligently seek truth. First things first, seek and humbly accept the truth God desires to plant in you. It sets you free and gives you the foundation you need to boldly speak into the life of others.

2.  Embrace change in your circumstances. Circumstances will always change, but the mission doesn’t. Resist the urge to fight or flee the changes you experience in this life.  Embrace every new situation accepting them as God’s plan for you. Each one comes packed with a holy assignment.

3. Share openly your convictions. The Holy Spirit promises to give you the words when you’re willing to stand up for your faith.  Trust Him as you exercise this muscle at every opportunity. Then you’ll be aptly prepared for the days when your voice is the only one that may be heard.

4. Expect resistance. Obstacles come with the territory. There will always be someone ready to challenge you. You can count on it because God’s Word promises it’s going to happen. Reach beyond the online naysayers and follow the examples of early game changers like Peter, John, and Paul.

5. Keep on growing. If you’re comfortable where you are, then you’re not growing. Pain comes with the gain. Try new things, share your faith in new places, and stretch beyond the edges of your current tech know-how.  Social platforms abound and the need for light is great.

6. Stay center on the high road. Intently focus on the power of the Word, resist anything that tempts you to take your eyes off-center. You’re an ambassador of the Almighty.  If an online conversation isn’t one that points to truth or brings Him glory, then don’t engage in it.

7. Be a Godly influence in the lives others. Few understand the power that comes with Spirit-birthed influence. Internet networks are flooded with cyber celebrities. But what are they talking about?  You are called to be the voice of Truth. You’ve been given the gift of new life to tell a different story. Let His love compel you to be the light that leads the lost home.

When has courage swelled up and pushed you beyond the boundaries of your comfort zone?

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You’ve been called to boldly declare Truth. Let your words & life tell a different story – one that points to Jesus. #LiveSticky

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  • http://www.sanyika.com Sanyika Calloway Boyce

    Tami, today I made my 1st blog post (of many more to come) http://www.sanyika.com/tap-power-exceedingly-abundantly I’ve been inspired by your work through the book, website and the #livesticky community! Thank you for leading the charge to keep it real & live sticky online 4 Him!

  • Tami Heim

    That’s awesome Sanyika. What a great post and a bold decision. 
    Way to make the His light shine brighter in the world today. 
    May He use you to inspire others to do the same! Bless you.