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“. . . God is in heaven and you are on earth, so let your words be few.” ~Eccl. 5:2

by Toni Birdsong

(previously posted Jan. 2011)
In the abbreviated world of social networks, we attempt to share the depths and riches of God’s word in status updates, comment boxes, and 140 character tweets.

To get your creative muscle amped, we’d like to get you thinking in even shorter bursts of truth. Here’s a list of 100 Three-Word Power Posts. All express God’s word.

Remember, living out your faith online isn’t about how much scripture you can wallpaper onto the web. It’s about you being in such exciting fellowship with God that the notes from that conversation easily fall onto the pages of every other conversation you hold.

Feel free to cut and paste these posts for your own tweets or status updates.

You might be surprised how just three words can minister to others—when those three words are scriptural. Be sure to bless us with your own Three-Word Power Posts in the comment section.

Share Christ

1. He. Turns. Tides.
2. God. Fills. Gaps.
3. His. Hands. Hold.
4. God. Is. Love.
5. Be. Still. Know.
6. God. Is. Bigger.
7. Therefore. Be. Holy.
8. He. Is. Able.
9. God. My. Portion
10. God. Whispers. Grace.
11. Fixed. On. Heaven.
12. Ransomed. By. Love.
13. God. Hears. You.
14. God. Patiently. Waits.
15. Make. Christ. Known.
16. Christ. My. Portion.
17. God. Of. Everything.
18. His. Love. Rescues.
19. Seek. Him. First.
20. Yes. God. Can.
21. God’s. Love. Pursues.
22. God. So. Loved.
23. In. His. Keeping.
24. Come. Follow. Me.
25. He. Fails. Not.

Share Grace

1. Allow. For. Imperfection.
2. Extend. Astonishing. Grace.
3. Drop. Your. Net.
4. Mercy. Never. Leaves.
5. Beauty. For. Ashes.
6. His. Anchor. Holds.
7. Be. Not. Afraid.
8. Prayer. Changes. Everything.
9. Forgive. The. Unforgivable.
10. Pray. Don’t. Pace.
11. Surrender. Your. Past.
12. I’m. His. Beloved.
13. Love. Children. Unconditionally.
14. Grace. Is. Enough.
15. Pursue. God’s. Heart.
16. Holy. Spirit. Come.
17. Relationship. Over. Religion.
18. One. Empty. Tomb.
19. Fear. No. Evil.
20. My. Cup. Overflows.
21. Jesus. Loves. Anyway.
22. God. Dwells. Here.
23. Christ. My. Rock.
24. Express. Joy. Fiercely.
25. Give. Yourself. Grace.

Share Hope

1. Live. With. Compassion.
2. Pray. Through. Doubt.
3. Out. Pray. Fear.
4. Advance. Through. Fear.
5. Trust. God. Infinitely.
6. Invest. Time. Generously.
7. Speak. God’s. Word.
8. Share. Christ. Abundantly.
9. Echo. Love. Loudly.
10. Enjoy. God. Forever.
11. War. Like. David.
12. Lazarus. Come. Out!
13. God. My. Fortress.
14. More. Than. Conquerors.
15. Anchored. To. Heaven.
16. Be. Not. Afraid.
17. Take. Thoughts. Captive.
18. Yet. I. Praise.
19. Pray. Down. Walls.
20. Shine. Your. Light.
21. Live. In. Peace.
22. Exalt. Him. Together.
23. Show. Yourself. Faithful.
24. Give. Honest. Answers.
25. Plant. Joy. Liberally.

Share Love

1. Love. Even. Though.
2. Love. Covers. Sin.
3. Unleash. Crazy. Love.
4. Love. Never. Fails.
5. Love. The. Unlovable.
6. Love. Is. Kind.
7. Love. One. Another.
8. Let. Love. Rule.
9. Love. Conquers. All.
10. Love. Your. Enemies.
11. Let. Striving. Cease.
12. Labor. In. Love.
13. Extend. Indestructible. Love.
14. Relieve. Your. Brother.
15. Feed. My. Sheep.
16. Wash. Their. Feet.
17. Salt. And. Light.
18. Love. Like. Crazy.
19. Surrender. To. Love.
20. Love. Heals. Deep.
21. Speak. Love. Always.
22. Love. Without. Condition.
23. Love. Breaks. Chains.
24. Forgive. Them. Anyway.
25. Love. Always. Wins.

What’s God stirring in your heart today? Share it in 3 words (as many as you’d like!) . . .

Post/Tweet this today:
God’s word is alive and active. It will accomplish ALL it sets out to do. Your job is simply to share it! #LiveSticky


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  • Diana

    All. For. Me. (Referring to Jesus’ death on the cross for my salvation.)

    Awesome post, thanks for the ideas! 😀

  • Anonymous

    @google-3cf3844fd558ceca3f391d298e75099a:disqus so true! :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/airheidi Heidi McGinnis

    Our. God. Saves.

  • http://www.paulassharingspot.com Paula

    Love. Without. Condition. // I love this concept!  Thank you!

  • Rachelhauck

    Man, how incredible and creative! Tami and Toni rock! 

  • Anonymous

    Good thing we met Jesus or we’d never have anything interesting to say . . . @abcb371adc118126eeb23531b843625e:disqus ! :)

  • Anonymous

    @facebook-602895627:disqus … yes he does! So happy to see you so soon after Kingdom Bound. Looking forward to many wonderful, worshipful exhchanges with you! :)

  • ImaBLeever

    I may have goofed! Please help me here. When I post the three word sequences, not copied and pasted from here, am I to add #stickyJesus? I will delete my posts, until I know how to post appropriately.

  • ImaBLeever

    Let. God. Arise.

  • Nancy

    Way cool – I love the creativity.

  • http://getyourchurchfanpage.com/ Chad Gleaves

    This is Chad of http://getyourchurchfanpage.com/  I must say that those 3-word posts are very Powerful. 

    Here are a few more:
    My. God. Reigns.
    Jesus. Loves. You.Jesus. Never. Leaves.
    Failure + Jesus = Forgiveness

    Thank you so much! 
    anyone needs additional posting material, (This list will take a while
    to go through)The guys over at Spread Jesus Today on Facebook  http://www.facebook.com/SpreadJesusToday encourage reposting and provide some incredible content.

  • Marie

    Has to be one of my most favs ever! 


  • http://twitter.com/chnorton1 Charles Norton

    One of my favorite posts. And let your words be few.