what would John the Baptist tweet?

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(repost from 2/22)
Just for fun, we thought we’d channel our favorite desert preacher, John the Baptist, who we meet in John 1:6. He was bold, brash, and brave when it came to speaking Truth. John knew how to #LiveSticky and still inspires us to do the same today. We hope his ministry ignites your thinking and helps you share your faith online with uncompromised conviction. Have fun sharing these posts/tweets with yourself and with others!

1. The good news of the gospel begins with the bad news of man’s sin. #JohnTheBaptist

2. If I had preached the soft gospel of this generation, I would have kept my head. #JohnTheBaptist

3. Go big with the gospel or go home. #JohnTheBaptist

4. There’s only room for one rock star and one idol on this earth. His name is Jesus Christ. #JohnTheBaptist

5. Make straight the way for the Lord. [Yes, that means you.] #JohnTheBaptist

6. Resent Christ or repent before Christ. You may not have time to overthink this one. #JohnTheBaptist

7. The trouble with (most) of you Christians today is that no one is trying to kill you.  #JohnTheBaptist

8. Don’t just be sorry for your sin; be willing to make a radical change in your life. #JohnTheBaptist

9. Jesus architected your eternal salvation, but he won’t make you live there without your consent. #JohnTheBaptist

10. God does not guarantee an easy life (just an eternal one) for those He calls to follow Him. #JohnTheBaptist

11. “I am not the Christ.” John 3: 28. [Don’t let powerful preachers fill in for Christ.] #JohnTheBaptist

12. Stand up for something or you will, no doubt, fall for everything. #JohnTheBaptist

13. Stop jockeying for position, power, & promotion. God will level you (and your fancy pants ministry) in a heartbeat. #JohnTheBaptist

14. There’s no admission to the kingdom of heaven for those who revel in sin. #JohnTheBaptist

15. Those frogs and locusts . . . don’t think He won’t do it again. #JohnTheBaptist

16. Don’t judge others by appearance. This locust-eating, homeless zealot just baptized Almighty God. #JohnTheBaptist

17. My whole life is a sacrifice for the sake of God’s kingdom. #JohnTheBaptist

18. The mission is first to obey. #JohnTheBaptist

19. God is more concerned with your heart than your history. #JohnTheBaptist

20. The things you own will end up owning you. The only security in an unsecure world is Jesus Christ. #JohnTheBaptist

21. I am not even worthy to be Christ’s slave. #JohnTheBaptist

22. Become a man or a woman with a message that the world can’t live without. #JohnTheBaptist

23. It’s never too late to turn it around (even if you are a brood of vipers). #JohnTheBaptist

24. All your hate can’t snuff out my light. #JohnTheBaptist

25. I don’t just have a message my message has me. #JohnTheBaptist

26. Don’t allow your morality to control your theology. #JohnTheBaptist

27. To repent is to radically transform your thoughts, attitudes, outlooks, and direction. #JohnTheBaptist

28. True repentance should result in a compassion for the needs of others.  #JohnTheBaptist

29. “He must increase, but I must decrease.” -John 3:30 #JohnTheBaptist

30. The party’s over. There’s no time for s’mores in the fires of hell.  #JohnTheBaptist

Can you relate to John the Baptist? What inspires you about His ministry?

Post/tweet today: ANYTHING from the above list today!

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  • Coenraad Fick

    I LOVE these. Thank you for this. It has given me some material for blogging as well as for tweeting. You guys ROCK!

  • Anonymous

    @coenraadf:disqus … and you rock because you shine so bright & always take time to drop by and encourage us. #WeAreTheBody. Have an amazing Friday! :)

  • Coenraad Fick

    WOW. Thank you and thank you Toni.

  • http://www.facebook.com/teasic Teasi Cannon

    Love these!!! And love you, Toni:) 

  • Anonymous

    @facebook-724792925:disqus ….love the new pic. Praying you up, Teasi!

  • Anonymous

    What inspires me about this guy? How about that Jesus picked this camel-hair-wearing, locust-and-honey eating dude to be the one to baptize him!