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He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.” – Mark 16:15, NIV

By Tami Heim

The command has been given. There’s much work to do and it’s time for you, beloved digital disciple to GO.  Don’t keep this lost and dying world waiting another moment longer.

The journey starts HERE:

  1. Pray – Pray – Pray – Submit your heart, time, and online conversation to the Lord. Allow Him to power you up before you power on each day.
  2. Focus on the agenda – Stay on mission. Know why you are there and Who you serve.
  3. Listen carefully – There’s a lot of chatter, but among it are real people in real need of the Truth that can save them.
  4. Understand there’s a person behind every post –Hurt people hurt. It’s no different online. Don’t judge or discriminate. Ask your Father to see the person behind the post through His eyes.
  5. Seek common ground – Look for areas of common interest and use them as an open door to building a new relationship.
  6. Engage directly – Speak directly to individuals online. Use a person’s name when you personally connect.
  7. Cultivate trust – Show up with regular frequency. Be consistent reaching out and checking in on others.
  8. Speak Truth – Set boundaries. Commit to share content that reflects the character of Christ and keeps you on His agenda.
  9. Extend grace – Love right over the rough spots of those you minister to online. Give to others the same grace you’ve been given.
  10. Lead well – Influence the thinking and development on others and keep pointing them to the heart of your Redeemer

What makes you most effective in your online outreach to others?

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I go because the love of Christ compels me. Nothing. Else. Matters. #LiveSticky

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  • http://twitter.com/peteccsb Peter Guirguis

    I totally agree with you Tami, the most important thing to do is to pray pray pray. I think that if we don’t pray before we share the gospel online then our labor is going to be in vain. We need to remember that ultimately, the Holy Spirit is the one who will be convicting people and doing all the changes Himself. I just need to pray and be obedient to share my faith.

  • http://twitter.com/TamiHeim TamiHeim

    Amen @twitter-208568172:disqus that’s the kind of heart that will make a kingdom size difference. Bless you Peter.