5 reasons Christians should be blogging

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by Toni Birdsong
You may not own a home or even your own car. But if you’ve got a blog today, you’re sitting on a very valuable piece of property. With the trust in traditional media declining and trust in social media channels on the rise, bloggers today have undisputed influence. This moment in time is especially true for Christians who are brand advocates for history’s most powerful message—the gospel.

Think about it. Some blogs get more visits each day than churches get on Sunday, giving some bloggers more influence than some pastors. While that’s certainly not the intended goal, it is the reality.

Brian Bailey, author of The Blogging Church, says the case for Christian bloggers comes down to one point: “Blogging is simply a new way of telling stories. In the same way that we seek out new modes of worshipping, preaching and reaching out, we must find new methods of sharing stories. The message doesn’t change when the methodology changes. If the methodology fails to change, however, we begin to distance ourselves from the people we are called to reach, and we risk becoming irrelevant.”

So what’s your role as a Christian in this new landscape? From my personal experience, our role as Christ followers is to pray, be consistent, and to drive your own lane—which means don’t compare yourself to anyone else. God’s given each one of us a unique way to communicate His message. So that’s the truth you need to stick to.

Not everyone who blogs is a John Piper or a Steven Furtick. And that’s ok. You don’t need a theology degree, a church, a ministry, or anyone’s permission—or commission—to blog. You don’t even have to be a great writer. What you do need is a message worth hearing and every single Christian on the planet has been given that—whether they acknowledge it or not.

5 Reasons Christians Need to Blog:

  1. Blogs = influence. According to the latest stats, blog reliability and blog accuracy, as perceived by readers is on the rise. And, because more people trust Google for everything—regardless of the logic in that—when you blog about a niche topic and Google finds you, you’ve gained an instant audience. The gospel is the stickiest story ever told so committing to write a blog is one of the most powerful and influential channels you can choose to get that story heard.
  2. Blogs drive people to a website. Just because you put up a website doesn’t mean people will come. This point is especially true for churches. Compelling blog topics will drive people to your church website, your ministry site, or the ministries you align with. Blogs give people a reason to “click.” Blogging is one way to “invite” the people around you to church—or better yet, to know Jesus.
  3. Blogs feed people—eternally. If you are interacting with hundreds of people on Facebook or Twitter every day, why not post a status update with some real meat? Why hold back? Provide a potentially life-changing link to your blog that God might use to draw someone to himself. Remember: Everything you do online is in some way for, about, or pointing to Jesus and His message . . . or what you say is ultimately just part of the noise.
  4. Blogs put a dent in the darkness. There’s a lot of junk on the Internet and that’s why some Christians refuse to spend any time at all online. That’s just sad—especially when the Word of God in 1 John 4:4 says “You are from God and have overcome them; because greater is He who is in you than he who is in the world.” Christians need to be online in God’s power and with God’s focus in the same way Joshua took Jericho and Paul tirelessly covered ground. Technology fearing Christians need to storm the darkness—trust God to be mighty—and quit running from things that “appear” difficult.
  5. Blogs will grow you. Just as any calling isn’t about growing “a ministry” but more about God wanting to grow your personal relationship with Him, be prepared to align deeper, and closer with God. As you rely on the Holy Spirit to guide you on what to write and how to write it, you will be pruned and matured in amazing ways. Blogging—correction, impactful blogging—requires you grab onto the Holy Spirit and never let go!

a few good resources:
Problogger: This blog educates new bloggers from A to Z. Check out the archives section for tips and tricks to get started.
Dummies.com: If you go to http://dummies.com and type “blogging” into the search box. You’ll find videos, cheat sheets, and tips galore.
About.com: Type “blogging” into the search box. You’ll find tons of great info.

What blogs have impacted you the most online? Let’s share our resources.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=671101964 Jennifer Adams Klein

    I am so encouraged by Christian bloggers, and the friends I have on Facebook who are daily posting Scripture. I wonder why *I* don’t do it myself. I think I have this idea constantly in the back of my mind that “no one is listening.” I post and no one comments. I pour my heart into a blog but there doesn’t seem to be anyone reading. And inevitably I think “if God had called me to this, something would be happening.” Then I lose steam and quit. And I admit, I STILL don’t know what He wants me to do…but at this moment it occurs to me that, at very least, there is no reason not to be posting Scripture in my FB statuses. I am probably not the only one who finds it refreshing in the midst of so many negative posts.
    Thanks for your encouragement.

    Aside from your blog, I am also encouraged by this woman frequently (her name is Su) http://thebossymom.com/

    And I find the discussion here challenging and often enlightening:

  • Anonymous

    Jennifer – don’t be discouraged. You never know how God is using your gifts and if you are a blogger… it can be a very lonely road some weeks. Nothing but crickets.

    Start viewing your blog as an act of worship. Send it up in praise with no expectation of it coming back around to bless you. Also, don’t be afraid to “nudge” people – like me- to let me know you’ve posted something. There really is a TON of links coming through a Facebook or Twitter stream so sometimes you need to actually Direct Message friends and ask them to please share if they feel moved to share your link. Don’t trust that anyone has actually seen the links. 

    Blogging is a marathon not a sprint.And remember – the enemy is out to fill your head with contortions of the truth and blatant LIES. If God deposited something in your heart and gave you the desire to write about it — your act of writing is obedience. Case closed. Story over. Success achieved. [in your face, Satan]I usually post on my FB whatever God is speaking to me personally on. That usually hits a nerve because He is dealing with all of His kids in both different but similar ways. As long as I’m being honest, brave and truthful before God, it matters not if my writing ever reaches a single person. Does it feel good to be affirmed and supported? Certainly. We are human. Everyone loves getting the love. BUT we’ve got to reckon with God over the motives of blogging and settle this one thing: for whom do I blog and what do I hope to accomplish?Revisit the answers to those questions. Often.Hope this helps. I’m going to go hunt down your blog and read it today, sister. :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=671101964 Jennifer Adams Klein

    I’m not sure my blog is findable! Well, my OOoold one gets spam posts still so I guess someone is finding it haha. I’m grateful for your words. Sad, for some reason, but grateful. I feel sentenced to climb a lonely mountain. I guess I am driven by praise–it lets me know I’m on the right track (though that makes me think–be careful WHOse praise you’re getting! They may be leading you down the wrong track haha). Anyway, to blog and not be read…disheartening. But you are absolutely right. If God calls, then obedience = success. Done. I think there are plenty of examples in the Bible where a person’s obedience led to a lonely or difficult road. Maybe most of the time that’s the case…

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=671101964 Jennifer Adams Klein

    I also like the idea of blogging as worship. Then its just between me and Him, really, and that is a joy-filled proposition. :)

  • Anonymous

    so @facebook-671101964:disqus are you gonna keep us in suspense? Post your blog link for us already :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=671101964 Jennifer Adams Klein
  • http://www.cathrynhasek.com Cathryn Hasek

    Yes!  I am a “recovering sluggard.”  Have been stuck in grief and was the family caregiver for a very long time, and have had difficulty transitioning back into the world.  So I am blogging my way to God’s plan and purpose to my life.  Want to write, so writing a blog is the first step.  Our Lord is a wonderful muse!!!

  • http://kellysinging.com KellySinging

    Agreed. My only concern is when Christians blog about incorrect doctrine because it is their opinion. It is a great honor to write about the Lord, and as always we need to be “good Bereans.” 

  • Anonymous

    @22aef09cc62d635c3cf093cfd5a6a13f:disqus … hey – family first my friend that is our first mission field. Bless you for your beautiful heart. I hope writing restores you and lifts you, taking you into a fresh space with the Lord. Cheering you on. Post your blog link for us :)

  • Anonymous

    @kellysinging:disqus … agree … there are a ton of topical/opinons on scripture going around…that can be frustrating …. but that control falls under God’s strength not ours. Hopefully, in the blogging process, He will make Himself known and grow each of us into a fuller understanding of the scriptures. Let’s just pray for one another — for discernment and the perseverance and courage it takes to stand up for God in a world that’s falling apart. THanks for coming this way Kelly. Love your input — I’m wearing the colors of a Berean with you. :) 

  • http://www.agodman.com/ a God-man in Christ

    People say a lot of things on the internet, but for some reason the believers, the crazy lovers of Jesus, did not yet establish an equally strong testimony of Christ. I think it all starts with much prayer and consideration before the Lord, even praying for each and every article one would write, and then – in oneness with the Lord – we can write something as we enjoy the Lord! One more thing I observed is that it is so normal to be a Christian, to be a man of God – we were meant to be filled with God to express God! So this calling, to write from our experience with the Lord and our enjoyment in the Word – is not only for some people… As 1 Cor. 14:26 says, Each One Has! Praise the Lord, we all have the divine life in us, therefore we can all “bubble over” with our love for Him!

  • Anonymous

    @agodman:disqus …. couldn’t agree more. Pray. Ask. Receive. Share. There’s simply not enough time on earth to testify of the good things that He has done. :)

  • Anonymous

    very good post and it sure encouraged me to pray even when I’m overwhelmed by what looks impossible. Thanks, Jen xoxo

  • Britton

    I have been involved in media for a long time. It is the same now as it was when print , radio, tv, internet and now social media we are in a fight with the enemy. As Christians we fight with what the world has created in media to be an influence. We must fill the world with the Good News and let God handle it from there. Amen

  • http://twitter.com/peteccsb Peter Guirguis

    “If you are interacting with hundreds of people on Facebook or Twitter every day, why not post a status update with some real meat? Why hold back?”  Amen to that!  I think that every Christian on Facebook and Twitter should be sharing at least once a week some kind of Biblical truth with others.

    I really enjoyed this post especially with all the excellent 5 points that were made.  God has been speaking to my heart about creating a blog about online evangelism.  If you’ll have me, I’d like to join the @stickyJesus:disqus  team and help spread the Gospel in my circle of influence :-)

    Here’s a link to my online evangelism blog that’s launching soon, there’s a short 30 second video: http://notashamedofthegospel.com 

  • http://www.cathrynhasek.com Cathryn Hasek

    Thank you!  Yes, family first, indeed!  Now forging on to show others that the struggles we encounter then grieve, give us strength!!!  To God be the Glory!  http://www.cathrynhasek.com

  • http://www.refinedinchrist.com Phil

    I love blogging myself! Good way of sharing thoughts and feelings about Christianity that can’t be done so easily offline. Sticky Jesus is one of the blogs I read often along with some of my friends blogs.

  • Anonymous

    If Christians don’t cover every square inch of digital space with the life-transforming truth of God’s Word … the other side wins. It’s as simple as that. 

    PS: Sure is good news to know that we “don’t need a theology degree, a church, a ministry, or anyone’s permission—or commission—to blog.” I was sweating there for a minute.