Phillip Randoll, Easter, and You

By Tami Heim

Who is Phillip Randoll?

It’s a question many are asking around the Nashville area. Old school mystery, intrigue, and suspense populate the posts on social media sites. They attract the curious and cause buzz to build.

Investigate all the pieces and you find a story unfolding through twitter and Facebook status updates. A blog, videos, posters, and yard signs are carefully designed to catch your attention. Cryptic messages flow with just enough information to pique your interest in the fortunate death of a man no one claims to know.

As clues surface daily, it becomes clear there’s only one way you’ll discover the Truth and the whole story about this man named Phillip Randoll…

You must go to Long Hollow Baptist Church on Easter weekend.

Nine weekend services and online streaming are scheduled to ensure you don’t miss out on the absolute Truth – the kind of Truth that changes your life forever.

Why Easter?

If you’ve been curious enough to click a few of these links, you may be asking yourself:

  • Why does a church creative team go to extraordinary lengths to communicate an Easter campaign?
  • Why do they provide members of the congregation so many different ways to invite others to come?
  • Why are they so intentional about integrating online and off-line resources into one major push?
  • Why are they so passionate about reaching the community around them?

Because statistics from a 2010 Barna research indicate, “Only 31% of active Churchgoers said they would definitely invite someone they know who does not usually attend church to a service on Easter Sunday.”

That kind of reality is exactly what drives a church to go beyond traditional methods to extend the invitation and equip others to do the same. Believers called to reach the world recognize there’s a gap and feel passionate about how to fill it. This is an example of how one determined church team decides to make a dent in the difference between those who will invite someone and those who won’t.

What about You?

With or without a well-developed church campaign, you’ve access to everything you need to invite others to church on Easter. You, yes you, can open the door to a life-changing experience for someone on this special day.

In these next two weeks before Easter, prayerfully begin to do your part to fill the gap:

  • Pray over your family, friends, and the people following your social media feeds.
  • Ask God to use you to bring them closer to the Truth.
  • Use the network platforms you frequent most as part of your outreach strategy.
  • Share a link to your church’s website highlighting location and the Easter service schedule.
  • Let people know what you’re doing on Easter weekend.
  • Be bold and invite specific people to come to your church.
  • Post online what Christ’s death and resurrection means to you.

Jesus said to her, “I am the resurrection and the life. The one who believes in me will live, even though they die; and whoever lives by believing in me will never die. Do you believe this?

John 11:25-26, NIV

Who do you long to see at church this Easter weekend? Who do you want to hear and receive the Gospel message? Post their first names in the comment section below and we’ll pray for them with you.

Post/Tweet this:

Beloved, you have the Truth & an invitation destined to change someone’s life. Forever. Release them both today. #LiveSticky


(If you want to see what’s happening in the life of Phillip Randoll between now and Easter, you’re invited to follow his blog.)

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  • http://www.justinmccullough.com/ mccJustin

    This is an excellent example of leveraging the power of technology and social media to drive awareness for an outreach event.  I pray that our churches develop confidence in these digital tools and leverage them for the kingdom in ways like this!  We NEED conversations being started around Christ and this is a perfect start!  Thanks for sharing!

  • http://twitter.com/TamiHeim TamiHeim

    @mccjustin:twitter It’s great to see you here today. Thanks for posting and your encouragement. Seeing churches on board and using all the tools available fires me up, too. Before writing this post I checked many well known mega-churches to see what they were doing for the Easter outreach. I was surprised I didn’t find more examples of fully integrated online and off-line plans. 
    What I like best about this one is how it completely equips the congregation with resources. It’s easy, members have options, people can use what works best for them, and still feel part of what the whole body is doing.We absolutely need to keep the online conversations centered on Christ and He’s looking for His faithful to lead them. I know you are! Blessings to you. 

  • Anne

    Molly, Marie, Will, Matthew, Doug, Natalie, Dinah, Larry, Pat, Jill, Lee, Debbie, Rob, Nickie, Kevin, Jane, David, Betsy, Katie

  • http://twitter.com/TamiHeim TamiHeim

    Bless you @26ef9810161a5eaf0703298d01b3c3f0:disqus  – whispering each name before His throne of grace and praying their hearts open to His call. God knows the longing in your heart for each of them. Lord, let it be so.