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When he had received the drink, Jesus said, “It is finished.” With that, he bowed his head and gave up his spirit. – John 19:30, NIV.

Where I am made complete.

In remembrance of Good Friday, here’s an adaptation of The Gospel Way from The Valley of Vision: A Collection of Puritan Prayers and Devotions by Arthur Bennett. (originally posted 4/22/11)

Blessed Lord Jesus,

No human mind could conceive or invent the gospel. Acting in eternal grace You are both its Messenger and its Message.

You lived it out on earth through infinite compassion, applying Your life to insult, injury, and death, that I might be redeemed, ransomed, and freed.

Blessed be You, Father, for contriving this way.

Thanks to You, Lamb of God, for opening this way.

Praise everlasting to You, Holy Spirit.

Glorious Trinity, impress the gospel on my soul until it’s virtue diffuses every faculty; let me be heard, acknowledged, professed, felt.

Take me to the cross to seek glory from its infamy; strip me of every pleasing pretence of righteousness by my own doings. Gracious Redeemer, I have neglected You too long, often crucified You, crucified You afresh by my impenitence, put You to shame.

Thank You for the patience that has borne with me so long and for the grace that now makes me willing to be Yours. Unite me to You with inseparable bonds, that nothing may ever draw me back from you, my Lord, my Savior.


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Admit your sin. Accept His grace. Commit your life. Claim His power. Walk in His Love. #LiveSticky #GoodFriday

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  • http://vesselproject.com Keiki Hendrix

    A beautiful post, my friend. Simply beautiful. Praying that this Resurrection Sunday bless your socks off.

  • Tami Heim

    Keiki, arms and heart are open wide – ready to receive. I pray that same blessing multiples in its return to you. Rejoice / – He. Is. Alive.

  • Anonymous

    Puts a whole new LIGHT on Thank God Its Friday (TGIF). Have a blessed, amazing, knock-your-socks-off glorious Friday….

  • Mary Mcleary

    I was given your book, @stickyJesus, and it has been a blessing.  Two and a half years ago my mother passed away and left me her prayer journals. I began writing a blog (I’m such a novice) of family faith stories and mother’s journal entries.  Your book just reaffirmed for me that God can use this effort for His glory.  Because I am a timid writer, I write my blog aquaangst.com as Ann Cocktale, my imaginary friend from childhood (it’s rather freeing to write as Ann).  I had no clue what an RSS was, but after reading the chapter that refers to them, i realized I had one and began using your suggestions to add to my list. Just wanted to say thank you for following the Spirit and reminding me that I am one of the those called to “go ye therefore into all nations” via the internet.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=671101964 Jennifer Adams Klein

    I love this and want to just soak in it: “Take me to the cross to seek glory from its infamy; strip me of every pleasing pretence of righteousness by my own doings. ” I am never more free and rejoicing than when I’ve become deeply aware of my lack of righteousness in myself. Lord, bring us to a place where we are really at a loss and have to be wholly dependent on You! Give us that real humility. There is finally peace and freedom there, when we know it doesn’t and can’t depend on us, but on You who began it all and carries it all to completion. Amen!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=671101964 Jennifer Adams Klein

     This ought to get interesting…nothing like asking the Lord for the cross!  :)

  • http://www.techbulk.com/ Bhanu

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