About @stickyJesus

“His dominion is an eternal dominion; his kingdom endures from generation to generation.” Daniel 4:34, NIV

Yes, sticky. Yes, Jesus.

We’ve paired up one of the most coveted marketing terms of our day with our Lord and Savior to spark a new way of thinking about His message in our 21st century online culture.

Sticky is a marketing term that means “to attract and make stay.” It’s often used to refer to websites, or advertising messages. To be sticky—or compelling enough to survive online—is every marketer’s goal. We flip that easily and apply it to the attributes of Christ and His message of salvation. We believe His is the most compelling, life-changing message ever spoken. @stickyJesus equips you, the Christ follower, to live out your faith boldly in your online communities and move confidently in the online world all while sharing the gospel in powerful, relevant ways.

here’s how we define sticky:

(stik′ē) adj. 1 The message that holds fast; adheres and clings to the heart of
every generation. 2  eternal content independent of time, change, and cyberspace.

why now?
The statistics don’t lie. Like it or not—embrace it or not—the world is living online. Politicians are rising to power and big brands are gaining more and more of our mindshare through social networks and the new power too called influence. @stickyJesus lays out the current day reality—the good, the bad, and the ugly—and challenges all Christ followers to reclaim our God-given dominion on earth, which includes the Internet. With knowledge, skills, and Holy Spirit guidance, we hope we can dig in and learn how to navigate this online world together—and give Christ a presence in this space.

what you will find here
You will find a fusion of discipleship, faith sharing, marketing, technology, and helpful tools to maximize your impact on social media platforms. You’ll find easy, efficient, and fun ways to use common technologies for the glory of God. Our direction is more heart-focused than tech-focused, but we’ve done a lot of the work for you and promise to plug you directly into the most powerful technical resources online today to help grow your online agility.

It’s also our hope that you will find some great friends in this community—those equally passionate about navigating this awesome, God-created digital terrain for such a time as this.

We’re glad you are here. Here’s a little more about us. Meet Tami and Toni.