Mission & Values

Our mission is to  have all Christ followers fully engage and embrace the power of web-based technology and social media as today’s most extraordinary communication platform for sharing The Way, The Truth and The Life.

@stickyJesus.com exists to inspire and equip believers for such a time as this!  We are committed to providing inspiration, tools and resources that demystify social media and enable believers to connect, influence, and live their faith—in real time—online.

we value . . .

We look to Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, as the perfect model for living life, gathering followers, and extending grace.

We love God, people, and desire to reflect that love in all we do.

We actively pursue the will of God and respond to it in love-drenched obedience.

We seek to connect with people, build relationship, and share Truth while teaching them how to do the same.

We offer instruction and inspiration that encourages Christ followers to be authentic and informed when communicating online.

We leverage ever-changing technology to effectively present the unchanging Gospel.

We encourage the exchange of ideas, robust discussions, and unity as we pray to ignite revival on and off line.

We support Christ followers and provide resources that help them share what they have been shown and effectively respond to the mission field at their fingertips.

We keep it real and real fun so everyone enjoys the engagement and possibility.