Digital Scribe Pledge

  • I,
  • am a Digital Scribe™. I join millions of Christ followers around the world born to such a time as this. This is our time; a time when every nation, every tongue, every age, every race, and every denomination of faith—and unfaith—is instantly connected.

    As a Digital Scribe™, I publically answer “yes,” to Christ’s invitation to “Come, follow me.” I am a networker, connector, servant, activist, and passionate minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ. I will speak, write, post, tweet, and blog the message of eternity and add buzz to the stickiest story ever told. I will change the game in my online community in His name, for His fame.

    As a Digital Scribe, I tithe 10% of the time I am already spending online to building God’s Kingdom here on earth. In this time, I will reflect, share, connect, encourage, and point others to the saving grace of Jesus Christ. As an effectual Digital Scribe, I vow to invest 2-4 hours a week in learning the technology of this new mission field. I will dive in deep and come up strong only and always lead by the power and promises of Jesus Christ.

    By signing this, you become part of a growing community of online Digital Scribes. We will not share your email address with anyone. As our community grows, we will be keeping you in the online loop via the Digital Scribe Press e-mail newsletter a few times a year. Thank you for joining a team that only follows Jesus online.

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