Online/Mobile Safety

family ground rules for Living Sticky (and safe) online

  1. I will honor God in what I post, share, download, or upload to the Internet.
  2. I understand that nothing is ever private on the Internet. What I post can potentially reach beyond my circle to thousands of people.
  3. I will not make racial slurs, curse, make fun of others, or pass on photos or videos could embarrasses or humiliate another person.
  4. I will speak up if I see bullying taking place online in my social networks. I will share concerns with parents and together, we will find a solution.
  5. I will not post photos of myself that Jesus would not be proud to carry in His wallet.
  6. I will never give out personal information such as my last name, address, or phone number. I will not give out the name of my school, city, family members, or personal details.
  7. I will not post where I am going, or share the day-to-day activities of my family online.
  8. I will never meet an online “friend” in person. If anyone asks to meet with me off line, I will tell my parents immediately!
  9. If anyone uses bad language or talks about things that make me feel uncomfortable, I will immediately log off and tell my parents.
  10. I will not click on a page that says, “For Over 18 Years Only.”
  11. I will not send pictures or videos of myself, or my family, without permission.
  12. I will not sign up for a social network without a parent’s approval nor will I change the settings for my computer, my username, or my password without permission.
  13. I agree to follow the time limits that our family sets and not let the Internet take away from homework, physical activity, face-to-face interactions, church, or family time.
  14. I will follow these family rules when I’m at my friends’ houses, the library, or at school.
  15. I agree that my mom or dad can read my e-mail, check the Web sites I have been visiting, and check my mobile activity at any time to make sure I am safe.

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Downloadable Family Ground Rules

(Print and post near the family computer)