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It’s jaw dropping: People now spend over 110 billion minutes a month on social networks like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. Some are ranting. Some are raving. Almost all are revealing their hearts and minds as never before. This historic social shift is a dream come true for big brand marketers, political parties, and just about anyone who has something to say.

So how do you—a Christ follower—navigate the noise, dodge the danger, talk the tech, and speak life and hope into the online space? You get sticky. Just like Jesus. You share the stickiest message ever spoken, the gospel.

Learn to:

  • Build and honor relationships the way Jesus did.
  • Understand the marketing-driven culture of social networks and how to navigate them.
  • Influence, engage, serve, and lead online-like Jesus.
  • Use dozens of tools, tricks, tips, and resources to grow your reach.
  • Identify and avoid the danger zones.
  • Learn the basics of Facebook, Twitter, blogging, and how to find great content to share.

@stickyJesus uniquely blends biblical truth and social media know-how with inspirational true stories of people engaging, connecting, and changing the world for Christ through social networks.