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9 extraordinary fruits of the spirit – alive online

What will you point, click, and scatter?

By Tami Heim

There’s a design feature in the masterpiece of creation that gives a planted seed the possibility to grow strong and bear fruit. In the same way the words you post in your network conversations are digital seeds. You point, click, and scatter them daily on a cyber mission field. Each one of them has the potential to travel a trillion megabytes, land somewhere unexpected, take root, grow strong, and bear fruit.

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Live Sticky: you’ve got all you need to lead

Jesus knew how to live and lead sticky. He influenced the thinking, the behavior, and the development of others. There wasn’t a town or a city He entered where hearts and minds did not respond. When He engaged the people in conversation, they listened. When He spoke the language of eternity and performed miracles, lives changed. His ideas and His love stuck.

Jesus’ life matched His message. There weren’t grey areas around His integrity or identity. The challenge for us today is to effectively engage a needful planet and lead the conversation like Jesus. Leadership books repeat the characteristics: leaders go against the grain, take personal risks to achieve a greater goal, and create culture. They’re mission-centric. They speak of vision, possibility, and teamwork. Great leaders are exceptional communicators and standout influencers. Great leaders get personal.

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is compassion part of your online life?

The accounts of God’s unfailing love and compassion for people abound in Scripture.

Indescribable love moved God’s holy hand to provide a Savior to bridge the gap between life and death for all humankind.

As you daily draw near to God and experience His compassion, your response is to give to others what you’ve been given and share what you’ve been shown. It’s that simple.

“When He saw the crowds, He had compassion on them, because they were harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd”

Matthew 9:36, NIV

Communication is the most important skill in life, but at the core of great communication, funny as it seems, is listening.

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