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in search of an awakened heart

Only the Holy Spirit can save people from themselves. Conducting yourself in a manner worthy to follow Christ online and off-line is a daily practice of humility and surrender. Through the Holy Spirit, bring an awakened heart to your online conversations.

Before you hit that enterbutton – be sure you are filled with His love.

What does an awakened heart look like online?

  • It responds promptly when someone is reaching out, even on the days it feels swamped.
  • It acknowledges and encourages others and can empathize with whatever others are experiencing.
  • It is blind to status, title, celebrity, or nationality.
  • It breaks for the lost.

You can’t give what you don’t have. If your heart is callous, seek out Jehovah-Rapha, your healer—the same one who healed the bleeding woman in the street that day. Touch His robe as He passes by, and believe that only He can resuscitate your heart. Regardless of what the rest of the world values design your online life after the awakened, present heart of Christ.

Until you step into heaven, you will be in the refining process. That’s okay. The Refiner loves you.

He will allow situations that put a spotlight on the yet unsurrendered places of your heart that may trip others up. God commands (does not ask) His followers to be of “one mind” when communicating the life-saving truths of the gospel. He expects us to reflect the values, behaviors, and holiness of Christ online (and off-line) at all times.

Only let your manner of life be worthy of the gospel of Christ,
so that whether I come and see you or am absent,
I may hear of you that you are standing firm in one spirit,
with one mind striving side by side for the faith of the gospel.”

Philippians 1:27, ESV

Study His Word. Allow it to transform you. Align your heart to His.

Remind yourself daily of who God is and what He expects you to be and become.

What’s God working on in you?

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relax. he fills your gaps.

Jesus didn’t just call His followers; He equipped them. They couldn’t see the next steps in the mission ahead—so He gave them the Holy Spirit.

His followers were passionate, resilient, intuitive, communicators of the gospel (most of the time). But there were gaps in their résumés. Big gaps.

Where would they begin? Where would they go? What would they tell people? How would they mobilize? How would they influence such vastly different communities and cultures? What would they say in awkward situations? How would they respond to criticism?

The mission sounded impossible to them. And really, it was. Jesus knew that.

Think about it. If Jesus had left His followers empty-handed, they would have had to rely on their own genius. They’d do what any self-reliant preacher does: rent a used van, go on tour, preach a few dozen inspiring sermons, and motivate a few hundred lost souls—for a little while. Minus the Holy Spirit following Jesus’ resurrection, the world would have been left to rationalize Jesus’ freakish miracles. They’d scratch their heads, offer up a few shaky explanations, and keep their eyes peeled for the real Messiah. Yes, by the disciples’ limited thinking, the mission ahead was impossible.

But where man’s greatest critical thinking ends, the Holy Spirit is just getting started.

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where does the holy spirit fit online?

So how do you catch the eye and influence the heart of a world steeped in digital overdrive?

How do you honor the message you carry and at the same time genuinely adapt to impact your mission field?

By remembering—at all times—who you are and whose you are. In order to do that, you must remain in communion with and rely on the Holy Spirit at all times. It’s not a Sunday thing. It’s not a Bible study or a life group thing. It’s a one-on-one, intimate, powerful, unbreakable Creator-created connection.

But there’s a problem. Not all of us have read the user manual. While many people have the hardware (which we’ll call biblical knowledge), few people download the software (which we’ll call the Holy Spirit) that came inside their package of salvation. So, their bandwidth, power, and capabilities are running at half-speed.

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